To submit budgets, appeals, or anything related to finances, use the finance portal (sufinance.wustl.edu)


Treasury and Senate are the two houses of the Legislative Branch of Student Union. Treasury’s primary roles are to allocate Student Union funding to student groups, monitor the spending of those funds, and register and deregister student groups. Treasury has two committees to serve these functions: Budget Committee (BC) and Student Group Activities Committee (SGAC). The number of representatives is based on a ratio to the overall number of full-time undergraduate enrollees; it is not differentiated by school, as is the case with Senate. Treasury meets every Tuesday at 9:30pm in Simon 113. Email treasury@su.wustl.edu​ to confirm the time, location, and agenda.

How Treasury Works

You can find the Treasury Schematic which explains the Treasury process here.

Current Treasurers

Sam Gorsche (Speaker of the Treasury)
Kenneth Sng (Budget Committee Chair)
Michael Schumeister (SGAC Chair)
Alex Beaulieu
Andrew Brown
Chris Dijs
Danyao Xu
Gad Choi
Imran Mumtaz
Iliana Ragnone
James Harvey
Lisa Gosine
Luke Summerlin
Judie Lee
Reuven Shechter
Sam Silver
Tiffany Zhang
Hunter Malasky
Vikram Biswas
Will Freeman