Beat Therapy

Ashland Elementary


Beat Therapy’s program at Ashland Elementary School aims to foster confidence in young people to be musicians beyond the traditional, professional sense. Through music we create a social environment where kids learn to express emotions, work as a team, practice creativity, and pursue curiosity, all while building relationships among each other and with volunteers.

We have developed a curriculum that uses various activities involving music and other art forms to reach our goals. Some examples of lesson plans include:

Emotional Expression

  • Drawing pictures of thoughts and feelings provoked by songs
  • Practicing “I feel” statements through song
  • Identifying emotions expressed in songs and how they correlate to various aspects of music (dynamics, mode, articulation, tempo etc.)


  • Group songwriting and performance
  • Rhythm circles


  • Household objects band
  • Wash U student group performances

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Cultural music bingo
  • Civil Rights lesson through protest songs

This program requires a weekly commitment at a time TBD.