Anu Goel

Anu Goel

Program Leader | CRASH

Major: Neuroscience | Minor: Music, Spanish

Year: Junior, Class of 2017

What else are you involved in on campus? Neuroscience Research, WU Symphony Orchestra, Spanish Interpreter at Casa de Salud

Why do you BT? Beat Therapy has been a huge part of my college career, and has opened my eyes to the true power of music. Performing with CRASH gives us a unique opportunity in that we get to engage with all types of people in the St. Louis community, of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, and we get to create and share an amazing musical experience with these people in a short amount of time. BT has helped me realize that I want to make my musicianship an asset no matter what career I end up in, and I know I will carry and spread BTs goals with me wherever I go.