Harold Zhu

Harold Zhu


Major: Systems Engineering, Economics and Strategy

Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018

What else are you involved in on campus? Engineering World Health, Club Tennis

Why do you BT? I go Tuesday mornings to Ashland Elementary School to work with 2nd graders and Wednesday afternoons to Vashon High School to teach private violin lessons. It’s really nice to be able to watch the kids’ confidence grow as they become more comfortable with you. It’s also a big responsibility because a lot of these kids come from shaky home environments so for 1 hour every week, you are the person they look up to and you sort of have to provide some stability for them. A lot of people think of Beat Therapy as WashU students providing help to the St. Louis community, but it’s really a 2 way street. The kids I work with help me in just as many ways as I help them, as they constantly remind me about what really matters.