Rachel Bank

Rachel Bank

Program Development, Program Leader | Preschool Program

Major: Biology & Anthropology

Year: Freshman, Class of 2019

What else are you involved with? Student Tour Leader, Delta Gamma, Lab Tech, MedEd

Why do you BT? I think it’s important to recognize that music has a way of connecting people from all different backgrounds. When I joined Beat Therapy, I was under the impression that I was going to be using music to positively impact the lives of others. Though this has more than proven itself to be true, what I didn’t anticipate was the way working with third graders at a low income elementary school would change my life. It’s so easy at WashU to become wrapped up in your studies and forget about the incredibly diverse community outside of the bubble; Beat Therapy has allowed me to leave the WashU bubble and break down the socioeconomic barriers in order to really connect with some of the most incredible kids that I’ve ever met.