Q. Who can join WUPLS?

A. Any undergraduate member of Washington University! Whether you’re just interested in finding out more about legal careers, or are sure you’ll go to law school, we’re happy to have you. Just fill out this short form to become a member.

Q. What are some events that WUPLS does?

A. Some of the events we’ve done in the past include:
-Law School Student Panels
-Debates and Discussions on topics such as drones and gun control 
-Panel of Law School Professors: “The Grand Jury’s Decision in the Michael Brown Shooting” 
-General Body Meetings
-Ted Drewes
-Free Practice LSATs 
-Information on applying to Law School from Career Center counselors 
We’re always planning new and exciting events, and if you have any ideas for a great event, send us an email!

Q. WUPLS looks perfect for me, and I’d love to become more involved! Are there leadership roles available?

A. WUPLS generally accepts applications to our Planning and Operations Board at the start of the fall term, in order to allow incoming freshman to apply, as well as at the end of the spring semester, when you can apply for next year’s term. If you’re interested in getting more involved in the middle of the school year, send us a message at prelaw@su.wustl.edu and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

Q. I’ve just arrived at WashU, and I don’t have much applicable experience…can I still apply?

A. We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of school year or experience. We usually take a number of students in their first year at WashU, as we believe that that there are many ways to bring something to WUPLS. That’s part of the reason why the Planning and Operations Board exists, as it allows many people to get involved in and get more experience before considering executive roles.