Meet the Planning & Operations Board

WUPLS May 2015 Update

Washington University Pre-Law Society is happy to announce Remy Guasque as our new President, Adi Radhakrishnan as our Vice President, and Shivangi Bhatia as our Treasurer for 2015-2016. We also wish to congratulate our newest board members, who are excited to join us in the fall semester to start planning fantastic events for all of our members:

  • Debbie Shear
  • Danny Wynbrandt
  • Tessa Wright
  • Leona Chen

Lastly, we want to thank our outgoing 2014-2015 President, Chloe Schwarz, who has done an amazing job of leading WUPLS this last year.

Feel free to reach out to any of us via our emails, included below.

WUPLS 2015-2016 Leadership

Remy Guasque, President
Class of 2017

Adi Radhakrishnan, Vice President
Class of 2016

Shivangi Bhatia, Treasurer
Class of 2018

Eli Scher-Zagier
Class of 2018

Debbie Shear

Danny Wynbrandt

Tessa Wright

Leona Chen