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Outside Student Union Funding Sources

  • CS40 Finance Request: CS40 provides limited funding to groups putting on events that directly benefit residents of the South 40
  • Student Success Fund: The Student Success Fund (SSF) is a donor-furnished fund designed to alleviate financial strains and pressures placed on students from low-income backgrounds. It is designed to meet specific needs directly or indirectly related to a student’s successful progression to and through college.
  • Women’s Society Funding Committee: The mission of the funding committee of the Women’s Society of Washington University is to support the educational, cultural and community outreach efforts that enhance the experiences and quality of life for members of the Washington University community.
  • WashU Department List: You can try contacting the heads of various school departments to see if they could help finance your student group.
  • United Way Grant: The United Way Student Grant Program awards one-time grants – up to $1,000 each – to provide financial support for student-led community service projects within the greater St. Louis region.
  • Gephardt Institute’s Carshare Fund: In an effort to support student engagement in local community service, the Gephardt Institute offers a transportation subsidy through the CarShare Fund to assist students who face financial barriers to paying for transportation costs and do not have personal vehicles.
  • Gephardt Institute’s Civic Engagement Fund: The Gephardt Institute’s Civic Engagement Fund cultivates community engagement initiatives that strengthen communities. Through St. Louis Projects Grants, Community-Engaged Teaching Grants, Common Ground Grants, Small Change Grants, and Need-Based Grants, all members of the WashU community may request funding and support for their proposed initiatives.
    • Grants for St. Louis Projects:
      • Community Planning Grants (up to $1,000)
        • Application deadlines: November 16, March 8
      • Community Partnership Grants (up to $5,000)
        • Application deadline: March 8
    • Course Development Grants: (faculty only) to support faculty with Community-Engaged Courses (up to $5,000)
      • Application deadline: March 8
    • Small Change Grants: for community projects, special events, and educational experiences (up to $500)
      • Application deadlines: November 16, March 8
    • Community Engagement Opportunity Fund: (students only) for students with high financial need to support St. Louis projects (amount varies)
      • Submissions reviewed on a rolling basis