Block Funding


A block funding agreement is an arrangement between Student Union and a student group or initiative to provide a certain level of funding for one year. This budgeting method was created to guarantee sustained support from Student Union for high cost, long term projects. Block funded budgets also include groups who would like their budget to be voted on by the entire student body because the group’s mission offers a service to the entire student body.

A block funding budget must be passed by a two-thirds vote of the voting undergraduate student body in the spring SU election. To have your group placed on the ballot, you will need to write a proposed budget on SU Finance, go over the budget with the Vice President of Finance, and collect a petition with electronic signatures from 15% of the undergraduate student body. The budget will be shown on the petition. The group will have to go through the budget with the Vice President of Finance to ensure that it is in accordance with SU policy. The process occurs early in the spring semester.

It is important to note that while groups that receive block funding have a set budget amount for their term, ALL student group spending policies must be followed.   

Block Funding groups cannot appeal for additional funds.

Contact the Vice President of Finance ( for more details on the Block Funding procedure.