Open Positions: Treasury, Election Commission, ArtSci Council President

1. Open Seats in Treasury and Budget Committee: If you’re interested in working to allocate the $2.8 million Student Activities Fee, consider applying for Treasury (one open seat) or the Budget Committee (two open seats). Full descriptions of the positions can be found at the following links: Treasury + Budget Committee. Both applications are due Saturday, 9/6 by 9 am.

2. ArtSci Council President: The President of ArtSci Council will be responsible for planning unique programs and events for the school.  In addition, the President of ArtSci Council will work with SU Exec to craft a new vision for the body, as well as selecting the new executive board of the council. Those in the College of Arts and Sciences can apply for this yearlong position here.

3. Election Commissioner:  If you want to help organize and promote SU elections, apply to be SU Election Commissioner! You can find the application and more information here