Freshmen Class Council election packets now available!

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Freshmen interested in running for Freshman Class Council can now download their election packets.

Class Councils consist of five positions:

President: The class President is responsible for presiding over class council meetings, and serving as the official representative of the class. When leading over the class council the President is expected to set and present the agenda and direct discourse throughout the meetings. The president will set the vision for programming in order to unify their class.

Vice President of Administration: The class Vice President of Administration (VP Admin) focuses on affairs within the class, and Washington University as a whole. The position handles contact with Washington University entities. In addition, the VP Admin must attend Senate meetings weekly.

Vice President of Finance: The class Vice President of Finance (VP Finance) is responsible for disbursement and accounting of revenues and expenditures, and authorization of all expenditures. The VP Finance also must complete the Student Union Treasurer’s Training at the beginning of the school year. In addition, the VP Finance must attend Treasury meetings weekly.

Vice President of Programming: The class Vice President of Programming (VP Programming) acts as the class representative to external entities. The VP of Programming is the contact for all on and off campus vendors related to Class Council programming.

Vice President of Public Relations: The class Vice President of Public Relations (VP PR) coordinates publicity of class events, and prepares a report to present to the class regarding Class Council activities at least once per semester. The VP PR should work to keep the student body informed of events on campus.

Please feel free to reach out to Student Union VP of Administration Vivek Biswas at with any questions!