Senate Minutes – 10.14.14

Senate Minutes



  1. Constitutional Council
    1. Prospective Members
      1. Sanbo
        1. Beau
        2. ArtSci
        3. Why wearing shorts? Bad wardrobe decisions.
      2. Toby
        1. Freshman, Ruby 1
        2. ArtSci
        3. Spirit Justice: Ruth Ginsberg
    2. Swearing In
      1. Yay!
  2. Mental Health Panel
    1. Oct 28, 2014
    2. To Write Love on Her Arms
      1. addiction and mental health support organization
    3. Co-sponsoring opinions?
      1. Research into background of this organization
        1. created by religious organization, possible concern
      2. Q for TWLOHA organizer: Who exactly is going to be on the panel?
        1. liason from Senate (Tommy)
      3. Tommy for making bigger, single event.
      4. Nov 20 instead
        1. longer to market/PR
      5. Advocacy: feedback/doing more
      6. In contrast, possibly better to add anonymity
    4. Senate sponsors; members only expected to attend
  3. Conference Call – Mental Health Director for USA
    1. Tues, Oct 21 6 pm
    2. Ask Tommy/Emma for more info
  4. More Senate Gear Scruples
    1. Crew vs Quarterzip
    2. Grey vs blue vs green (5 vs 0 vs 8)
    3. White on black new logo with laurels
    4. Fleecy
    5. Name opt out option
      1. WashU instead of name, etc
    6. Name under vs opposite  (F. Last – style)
    7. Laurel logo on back yes or no
    8. Put your sizes and name in the googledoc by deadline
  5. Feedback boards
    1. Texas A&M inspired
    2. Whiteboards outside DUC “I love WashU but…”
      1. write your feedback
      2. turns into Senate projects
      3. Also potentially current projects
      4. Or just use the So40 underpass area…
    3. Also already has whiteboards outside Olin Library
    4. Uma & Connie
  6. Updates
    1. Individual Projects
      1. Rahul – tutoring services
        1. Provost coming to ACAF meeting 5:30 Thursday
          1. academic stress, etc
          2. come to meeting!
      2. Amelia – examination conflicts with art classes, meeting with Sam Fox deans
      3. Uma – lecture program, cultural cooking class
      4. Sih – Ribbons of Hope, approval for space; emailed STAC about meeting
      5. Olivia – metro travel times onto Wustl app, Assembly series spring schedule
      6. Josh – meeting with Sam Fox deans, get student representation on curriculum committees
      7. Daniel – CampusVoices
      8. Kabir – Paul Schimmele about dining services specials
      9. Natalie – healthy vending machines in dorms on So40
      10. Connie – met assistant dean of B-school about distribution requirements, Assembly series committee, helping Natalie
      11. Mike – Dean Smith (ArtSci) loosening requirements (other school credit to complete artsci reqs), survey through SIL
      12. Rahool – healthy meals at BD, breakfast at Village
      13. Nik – air mattresses to rent out for pre-frosh, friends (reaching out to CS40), Wednesday for cultural groups
      14. Bo – north entrance library, Wonderful Wednesday, engineering career fair email improvement
      15. Kelly – lounge space in Sam Fox
    2. Group Projects
      1. CampusVoices – met yesterday; not equipped as Senators to develop site; emailed head of STAC
        1. Heard of a professor who proposed a 1 semester course to learn to code on these projects
      2. Aramark Contracts
        1. Email correspondence with administration, waiting for finalized decision about contracts
        2. Statement from Senate about what we plan to do with information
        3. 1 article from months earlier, St Louis Business Times; reach out to person who wrote article
        4. Reach out to whoever’s in charge of contracting
      3. Board of Trustees Resolution
        1. Options for student rep?
        2. Talk to Board now or write resolution first?
        3. Next step: ask Mike