Senate Minutes – 10.21.14

Minutes 10.21.14

  1. Mental Health Panel
    1. Moved to Nov 20, 6 pm, Tisch Commons
    2. Co-sponsored with To Write Love on Her Arms
    3. Week of events culminating in Panel
      1. talking about language of mental health; the discussion around it
    4. Four Panelists: Tim Bono (Prof of Psychology, Uncle Joe’s advisor) Linguistics Professor, SHS, RA
  2. Assassin
    1. We didn’t have enough kills! We’re tossing a coin for if the people who haven’t made any kills die.
      1. Sih lives
      2. Daniel lives
      3. Kabir lives
      4. Rahul lives
      5. Nik lives
      6. Mike dies
      7. Olivia dies
  3. Open Seats/Re-elections
    1. Business and Engineering open seats will be filled at next meeting
    2. Election packets come out tomorrow
      1. Due Oct 29
    3. Senators up for re-election
      1. Rahul, Daniel, Bo, Connie, Tommy, Natalie, Ryan, Amelia, Olivia
  4. Community Service Office
    1. Focus groups for future plans
    2. 1 person each for:
      1. Wed Oct 29, 5-6 pm (dinner), DUC 273
        1. Bo? Nik backup
      2. Mon Nov 10, 8:30-9:30pm (dessert) DUC 161
        1. Amelia
      3. Wed Nov 12, 4-5 pm (dessert) DUC 273
        1. Ryan
  5. Updates
    1. Exec
      1. Brian will do a Why SU? campaign
      2. Elections coming up
        1. Reach out to people! Ask them to sign up!
        2. Inauguration Nov 11 6-8pm Holmes Lounge
    2. Treasury
      1. Diversity training went well
      2. Appeal for Pride- voting on today
      3. SGAC did spring budget allocation
    3. Advisor
      1. As a student leader, be on semi-good behavior at WILD
    4. Judicial
      1. Alternative Chief Justices confirmed
    5. Large Group Projects
      1. Campus Voices
        1. STAC: this is not what they do; following up with Shane Park (WashU Game Developers’ Society)
        2. Talk to Eric Seder (sp?) about getting a domain space
      2. Student-elected member of Board of Trustees
        1. Meeting with Mike to talk about which administrators to contact
      3. Aramark Contracts
        1. WashU will make final decision next week
          1. WFF and union are negotiating
        2. Meet with professor
          1. Hank Weber-administrator in the deal
        3. Can also contact Facilities manager
          1. Ask Mike
          2. Alan Keebler – Asst Director; signs the contracts
        4. Ask Ryan about interesting issues revealed through email chain
    6. Open Forum
      1. Internal Elections coming up for leadership positions
      2. Sih – STAC meeting in 2 weeks; want to bring Senators
        1. Still tabling for Ribbons of Hope
      3. Ryan – Social: let’s go to a Blues game
      4. Kelly – Undergraduate Library Advising Meeting: Printing resolution for more accurate money allocations would be highly supported
        1. Nik, Bo and Kelly will work on it