Know Your Proposed Constitutional Amendments!

Part of the Fall Election ballot is six proposed amendments to the SU constitution. Before you vote, learn a bit more about each one!

Amendment 1: Making the Constitution Gender Inclusive
Currently, the Student Union Constitution only uses male pronouns (“he/his”) when referring to office-holders. While it is stipulated that these shall be interpreted as “gender neutral”, we believe that using pronouns that are actually gender neutral represents Student Union’s commitment to being an accessible organization for all Washington University students.

Amendment 2: Adjusting to SU Leadership Meeting Structure
The Constitution requires that the leaders of each executive entity, as well as the leadership of Senate and Treasury, meet individually with one-another multiple times. Each of these meetings is presided over by a member of Student Union Exec. However, in the past these meetings were simply ignored. We would like to consolidate these meetings into one Student Union Leadership meeting chaired by the Student Union President. We have had these meetings this term, and they have been very successful.

Amendment 3: Strengthening the SU Exec / Executive Entity Working Relationship
This amendment is aimed at codifying the existing relationship between executive entities, and a member of Student Union Exec that serves as their advisor. The respective member of SU Exec can give these entities considerable insight into their operations and functioning.

Amendment 4: Elections for School Council Executive Officers Instead of Applications
In order to foster greater accessibility and transparency in your student government, we would like to amend the Constitution to require that all School Council Executive Officers be elected on the Spring Student Union Election ballot. This is currently done by the Olin Business Council, and we would like the other councils to follow suit so they establish clear procedures for involvement with the group.

Amendment 5: Allowing Diversity Affairs Council to Propose Constitutional Changes
This amendment will allow Student Union’s Executive Council to oversee constitutional changes proposed by members of the Diversity Affairs Council before they are implemented by the body.

Amendment 6: Adjustments to Electoral Process
This amendment will modify Student Union’s electoral process. First, the President and Vice President of Administration will consult with Constitutional Council during the selection process for the Election Commissioner. This will allow for greater input in the process from different officers of Student Union.

Second, we would like to have the Speaker of the Senate, not the individual school councils, coordinate the appointment process for vacant Senate seats. The Speaker of the Senate has a greater understanding of what Senate needs, and how to fill voids within the body. In addition, this will streamline the appointment process and allow for quicker appointments to vacant seats.