SU and SARAH announce “It’s On Us, Wash U” campaign

Student Union and SARAH are proud to announce “It’s On Us, Wash U”: a campaign designed to spark conversation about sexual assault at Washington University and make a pledge to improve our campus culture. “It’s On Us, Wash U” makes Wash U a part of the White House’s It’s On Us campaign. It’s On Us invites everyone to step up and realize the solution begins with us. It aims to reframe conversations surrounding sexual assault in a way that inspires everyone to see it as their responsibility to do something to prevent it.

The White House has identified the week of November 17th as National Week of Action. At Wash U, we are encouraging groups to participate in a photo campaign to raise awareness of what we all can do to be a part of the solution.

We are asking student groups, teams, chapters, and all students to have a discussion about Wash U culture and come up with an action step and commitment their group will take to achieve that goal. We invite all of you to join us.

The process is simple:

1. Have a conversation with your group, team, or chapter

  • What is our groups mission? Don’t be afraid to show your groups’ personality.
  • What impact do we have on campus culture?
  • What is our ideal Wash U?
  • What commitment can we make as a group to change our campus? What do we already do? What can we do better?
  • Share ideas, observations, and visions for Wash U!
  • Share resources provided below

2. Make a commitment (Our group pledges to…)

  • What is the goal of your action item?  To create a more inclusive community?  To provide a safe space for group members?  Feel free to make this more general.

3. Determine an action step (We will…)

  • Try to identify a specific, actionable goal, a concrete idea in your power as a group
  • What can you do to create a better campus?
  • This can be something internal to your group culture, your events, your interactions with other parts of campus, or anything in between
Looking for some examples?  Check out the pledge at or what student groups at Yale have committed to doing.

4. Display your commitment by making a sign and/or taking a photo

  • This can be just a group photo and a sign, you can put text directly onto your photo or just a past group photo
  • Send the photo to by November 19th at 11:59pm. We will post these throughout the week, so please send as soon as possible!
  • We will add the It’s On Us logo and post it on the SU Facebook page throughout the week for the campus community to see the commitments we are all making.
  • We will email you when your photo has been posted so you can make sure to share it.

Groups should share their ideal vision of campus to build a safer and more respectful Wash U. What can you and your organization do to promote a better Wash U?

Looking for more resources?  Check out these campus specific and national websites:

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact Emma Tyler, or Libby Ward,