Senate minutes – 01.20.15

Senate Minutes – 01.20.15

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at ude.l1545010121tsuw@1545010121gnof.1545010121ailem1545010121a1545010121

  1. Diversity Affairs Council training
  2. Peer institution research
    1. Long-term SU projects
    2. First step is research
    3. Everyone picks one peer school
    4. Potential deadline: make an initial contact by the next senate meeting
    5. Topics and questions:
      1. Stipends for student activities sponsored by SU
        1. Does your student government sponsor any initiatives – financial or not-targeted towards supporting pell eligible student
        2. Does your student government sponsor and sort of stipend or funding opportunities for students who cannot afford in student activities?
        3. How is it determined which students can access this funding? What can it be used for? How can it be structured?
      2. Compensation of student government officers
        1. Do any officers of your student government receive any sort of compensation be that a stipend, salary, discounts on tuition, payment of room and board?
        2. If so, how does this work? Who gets compensated and how?
  • Funding structures/percent tuition received by student government
    1. What percentage of tuition does your student government receive?
    2. What is the funding structure from your student government?
    3. Does your student government have issues with excessive funding? Too little funding?
  1. Advocacy fund ($10,000)
    1. Student groups with advocacy related projects can apply for the fund
    2. Will be used to fund any senate projects
  2. Dates that the board of trustees are meeting
    1. 05
    2. 30
  3. Project policy clarification
    1. Each senator must come up with an individual project they want to pursue
    2. Each senator will then present the project to their respective committees. The presentation must cover why the project/change is needed, and at least the first few steps that they would talk to complete the project
    3. The committee members will vote on the individual project. This will be done by secret ballot. If no, the senator will have to pick a new project or present another one. Tie breaker will be committee chair
  4. Eco-to-go resolution?
    1. Big push in sustainability in line with plastic bag ban, plastic bottle ban
    2. A system where you would be able to take out a certain number of boxes
    3. Existing eco-to-go committee
  5. Exec updates
    1. SU speaker series: Exec has the list, posted on the SU facebook
    2. General budget will be heard on 02/24 by Senate and Treasury
      1. Written by Nick
    3. Activities fair tomorrow in the DUC
    4. Elections on 03/02
    5. Register for LeaderSHAPE
    6. Treasury hearing appeals
  6. Updates from Mike
    1. Register for LeaderSHAPE
  7. Open forum
    1. Quarter zips