Senate Minutes – 01.27.15

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at

  1. Cameron and Eiftu (Outreach Committee) from St. Louis Student Solidarity
    1. Met with the Chancellor and the Provost on Friday (01/23)
    2. Talk to different student groups on campus and want to listen to their feedback with regards to their demands
    3. Contact or for more information
    4. Questions raised about the demands:
      1. QPI training for WUPD officers
        1. No extra cost to the department
        2. Officers already go through some sort of bias training
      2. BRSS process
        1. Want to increase the transparency of the process
        2. Ensure that there is a stronger sense of accountability of the community
        3. Ensure that follow up and support exists for students who have reported instances of bias
        4. Bridging the systems of restorative justice and BRSS
          1. Parties responsible and impacted by those actions come together to agree on a way forward
  • Increasing the percentage of minority students
    1. Will this dilute the representation of majority students?
    2. Goal is not to reach national averages in diversity, considering the number of international students that WashU enrolls
    3. Number of minority students that are admitted in WashU is higher than those that enroll
      1. Why? (various aspects of the administration are conducting research)
      2. Hypothesis: minority students when visiting WashU feel like they cannot find others like themselves
    4. Increasing the percentage of underrepresented population in the faculty
      1. Lack of diversity across the whole school (concentration in particular schools/departments)
      2. Not sure about the exact hiring process
    5. One credit diversity course
      1. Proposal: headed by the DAC, CDI, one representative from each school
        1. Do a course in each school tailored to their major
        2. (counter) diversity is an issue that affects the whole school, we all experience the community of St. Louis
      2. Inclusive of other social justice elements: LGBTQ, socioeconomic issues etc…
      3. Include it in the core degree requirement of each major?
    6. Revise curricula of courses to require background information of St. Louis
      1. Some courses do exist, but are concentrated in certain departments (I.e Anthropology, Community Building)
      2. Implementation of the courses to ensure a high enrollment of students
  • Incentivizing community-based participation/research
    1. Recognition process for undergraduate led research or undergraduates who are associates in the research
    2. University already has numerous areas of research, that are not recognized
  • Widening the pipeline for local St. Louis students
    1. Issue of schooling in St. Louis is extremely complex
    2. WashU’s summer and part-time programs for commuter students are also very cost prohibitive
    3. Increasing need-based funding for students
  1. Joining the Drop the Box movement
    1. City of St. Louis is on board with the movement
    2. What are the general legal implications?
      1. Combat the disenfranchisement of those with a criminal record/arrest record
      2. Social law that is in play
    3. What can Senate do?
      1. Want to garner student interests and support in these demands
      2. Hosting a demands petition/signing list
        1. You and your organization as a whole stand in solidarity with these demands
        2. Ensure that the demands are representative of every single one of us, as WashU students
      3. In conversation with the whole WashU community (not just undergraduates)
    4. Swear in Kabir as the new JCC VP of Programming
    5. Peer Institution research
      1. Due on Friday (01/30); meeting with the Vice Chancellors
    6. Project updates from Committee Chairs
      1. Campus Services
        1. Short-term efforts for having student representatives on the Board of Trustees frequently come to Senate and make a presentation
          1. Meeting with the Provost in a month to have a long-term student elected position
        2. Having Ibby’s sponsor some Student Group events
  • Having a printer at Stanley’s available for non-engineering students
  1. Follow up with ResLife about the making changes to the ResCollege system
  1. University Initiatives
    1. Dance studio room reservation
    2. Senate sponsored chill event; painting T-Shirts during finals week
  • Building more bike racks around campus
  1. Academic Affairs
    1. Finding a room to show student art
    2. Organizing dinner between high level administrators and students
  • Cooking classes for students that are moving off campus
  1. Campus voices
  1. New game of assassin
    1. Each person gets one clothes pin
    2. No assassinations during class, in the library (except Whispers), when Sih is on duty or during senate
    3. When dead post in the group chat
    4. Tommy will send out targets
  2. Updates
    1. Exec
      1. Brian Benton VP of Public Relations has decided to resign from his post, for personal reasons
      2. Actively looking for a replacement
  • Applications are due this Friday (01/30)
  1. Anyone in SU can apply
  2. Looking for a wide variety of candidates
  3. Any PR related enquiries will be handled by Vivek
  1. Treasury
    1. Conducted a diversity training
  2. Open forum
    1. Utilize the demands presented by Student Solidarity to brainstorm for projects in Senate
      1. Get more answers about some of these issues
      2. Be conscious of Student Union’s constitution
        1. Not allowed to take a stand on a National bill (refer to Constitution)