Treasury Minutes – 01.27.15

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: January 27, 2015

I. Call to order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the Treasury session at 9.30pm today at Simon 113.

II. Roll call

No. Name Committee Seat P/A/E Comments
1 Alex Beaulieu SGAC Spring P
2 Alex Rothbard SGAC Fall   P* *Mandatory fraternity event, arrived prior to WU Slam appeal
3 Bill Feng SGAC Fall P
4 Bradford Orr BC Fall P
5 Chris Dijs BC Spring P
6 Danyao Xu SGAC Chair Fall E Sick
7 Gad Choi BC Spring P
8 Hunter Malasky BC Chair Fall P
9 Iliana Ragnone BC Fall P
10 James Harvey SGAC Spring E Mandatory fraternity event
11 Jenny Wang SGAC Fall P
12 Keaton Schifer SGAC Fall P
13 Kenneth Sng Speaker Spring P
14 Lisa Gosine BC Fall P
15 Luke Summerlin BC Spring E Mandatory fraternity event
16 Maaz Ahmad BC Fall P
17 Reuven Shechter BC Spring E Sick
18 Sam Silver SGAC Spring E Mandatory fraternity event
19 Tiffany Zhang SGAC Fall P
20 Vikram Biswas BC Spring P
21 Will Freeman SGAC Spring E Extracurricular event

III. Confirmation of Junior Class Council Vice-President of Programming

Treasury confirmed Kabir Gill, by a unanimous vote, as the new Junior Class Council VP Programming. All 14 Treasury representatives present (including Speaker of the Treasury) voted in favor.

IV. Diversity Training by Diversity Affairs Council

Amee Azad and Ivy Chen from Diversity Affairs Council conducted training, titled “Brave Space, Safe Space,” for Student Union Treasury.

V. Appeals


Student Group: An Amazing Student Group

Title of Event: An Amazing Event

Amount Requested: $2,500.00

Amount Approved: $1,000.00

No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $2,500 Main Motion
2 $0 Amendment 5 10 5 20
3 $1,000 Amendment 20 0 0 20
4 $1,000 Main Motion 20 0 0 20

Student Group: WU Slam

Title of Event: CUPSI and ACUI Recertification

Amount Requested: $4,511.00

Amount Approved: $4,511.00

No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $4,511.00 Main Motion 12 2 0 14
Group has amended the initial amount requested from $4,706.00 to $4,511.00 prior to appeal

VI. Updates

Brian Benton has decided to resign effective immediately from SU Exec. Applications have been opened up. The plan is to have an appointee for confirmation at Treaseury by next Tuesday.
Senate heard from St. Louis Students for Solidarity and might pursue some of their ideas as Senate legislation.
No interpretations or requests at this time.
BC: Spring Presidents and Treasurers’ Training coming up this Saturday.SGAC: Talked about Principles behind Category Change and New Group Applications on Monday meetings.

VII. Open Forum

Comments: By:
Kenneth began the Open Forum by encouraging representatives to discuss their views on whether Treasury should use Student Activity Fee as a benchmark for funding appeals.Chris started by saying that if Treasury funded the group at the student activities fee as a benchmark, it would not be able to fund the WU Slam event. Therefore, there is a need to also look at how much this group brings back to campus. Also, seniors who paid the activity will graduate this semester. We need make sure that the fee does not end up unspent by the end of this academic year.

Hunter added that WU Slam did an excellent job of explaining why their event should be funded even though the per person cost far exceeded the activity fee paid for by each student.



Kenneth moved the discussion to the topic the fundraising and personal contributions.

Lisa highlighted that if Treasury consistently asks student groups to contribute from fundraising, student groups might have less incentive to fund-raise.

Hunter opined that fundraising should not be considered when deciding an allocation. I don’t think this is an issue that should be raised.

Maaz commented that Treasury should not penalize groups for lacking in fundraising for final event. But, Treasury should look towards encouraging the group to fundraise more in the future.

Alex Rothbard remarked that Treasury has greater room for improvement when it comes to funding consistency.

Brad added that Treasury seemed to be more lenient tonight.

Hunter explained that WU Slam made a comprehensive, strong argument for why none of the items listed on the appeal could be cut without harming the entire event.

Alex Beaulieu agreed with Hunter that Treasury has been consistent in past appeals. Added that not all competitions are the same and that Treasury should look at every competition event differently.

Maaz noted that there is typically a large amount of interest in WU Slam’s events.


Hunter pointed out that WU Slam normally doesn’t include speaker events in their budget. Hunter

 VIII. Adjournment

Speaker of the Treasury adjourned the meeting at 11:58.

Minutes Submitted by: Bill Feng

Minutes Approved by: Kenneth Sng