Senate Minutes – 02.17.15

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at

  1. Presentation by Vivek Biswas VP of Admin
    1. Introduction of individual resolutions platform on the SU website
    3. Not published on the main page yet
    4. Requires:
      1. Name
      2. Email
  • Working title of the resolution
  1. Background information
    1. Things that would go into “whereas” clauses
  2. Ultimate goals
    1. What they want to achieve from the resolution
  3. Administrators that they’ve met with (only clause that isn’t required)
    1. Ideally would like them to have met with administrators
    2. Can connect them with administrators
  4. Way to get students more connected with SU and the WashU Administration
  5. Individuals can submit resolutions but a senator would have to work with them and the resolution would have to pass senate
    1. Senator chosen and person who submitted the form would write and present the resolution at a senate committee meeting
    2. If it passes it will be heard on the floor of senate
  6. Senate can be as engaged in the process as they want
    1. Help them tighten the “whereas” and “resolved” clauses
    2. Wouldn’t change much in the structure of senate
  7. Notes
    1. Publicity of it to link with elections PR
  8. Vote on an amendment of the Senate Statute to allow for this new platform
    1. No changes to the resolution procedure or the definition of “internal” or “external”
    2. Questions
      1. How do you avoid the abuse of this platform? (prevent student submissions of gripes)
        1. Existence of the Campus Voices platform for that sort of feedback
        2. Will direct students with such feedback to that platform
      2. Going to put the link of the Campus Voices website to the page
      3. Promote this for more fleshed out, bigger vision, ideas
  • Amendment passes
  1. Break off into individual Committees to write up detailed action plans for each person in the committee (min. 4 steps)
  2. Brainstorm of action plans
    1. CServe: 4 step action plan, with who to contact and a timeline
    2. UI: talked about potential areas of crossover between projects
    3. Acaff: who is next on the list to contact, what to do after
    4. What are normal committee meetings like?
      1. What we’ve done over the week
      2. This brainstorm are more looking forward
    5. Presentation by Vivek on Committee meetings
      1. Committee meetings about an hour long
      2. How he would run a meeting
        1. Update his committee with happenings in the university (e,g SPB acquiring a new Film Director)
        2. Project updates from committee members
  • Brainstormed future plans
  1. Goals for Committee meetings
    1. Longer to have more legitimate criticism
    2. Accomplish more and make this experience fulfilling
  2. Elections on March 3rd, election packets are released tomorrow
    1. Note if you are a spring seat
      1. Uma
      2. Mike
  • Nik
  1. Stella
  2. Rahool
  3. Sih
  • Scott
  • Kabir
  1. Anish
  1. No signatures required
  2. Go for one of the two meetings that you must attend, contact Vivek if you cannot make it (5pm 20th and 6pm 23rd of February, DUC 276)
  3. Note about running for exec
    1. If you are a Spring seat you can only run for reelection onto Senate or Exec
    2. If you are a Fall seat you can run for Exec
  4. Tabling at happy hour
  5. Inauguration on March 24th, when this term ends
  6. Number of people running for a position will be revealed at the Candidates meeting
  1. Tommy will send out a few assessment forms about Committee Chairs and Speaker of the Senate
  2. Application for the 2 Board of Trustee positions are out, all are encouraged to apply
    1. Prestigious position
    2. Great for networking
    3. Interesting to see the direction of the school
  3. WU Pulse survey is continuing through March 16th, all should fill it out
  4. Electrical engineering student group just made a game machine that they would like to put in the DUC and BD, would like a senator to help coordinate their efforts
    1. An arcade machine built from scratch by the student group
    2. Bo volunteers
  5. Open Forum
    1. Tentative date set for the completion of the Campus Voices website
      1. Name of it will be “Student Voice”
      2. Any other name suggestions?
        1. Campus Voices
        2. Student Voices
        3. WashU Wishes
        4. WUSTL words
  • If you have an idea send it to the groupme, email Tommy or Uma
  1. Board of Trustees
    1. First ever referendum
    2. Any thoughts or ideas email Mike
  2. Stella will be meeting with Dean Smith and Dean Killen about receiving credit for college classes taken in High School
    1. Thursday (02/19) at 4pm
  3. Exec Updates
    1. Hired a new Business Coordinator, taking over March 2
    2. General Budget is next week
      1. Waiting to hear back from some school councils
      2. If you want to see last year’s budget you can log onto
  • If you want any information about the accounts email Vivek
  1. Working on a SU Yearly Report
    1. If you are on leadership try and have your rough draft done by leadership tomorrow
    2. Archive your project