[Student Group Presidents] President & Treasurer Weekly Update!







Dear Presidents and Treasurers,
Hope your week is going well please read the following Updates.

DiversiTEA Dinner and Discussion Tonight (2/19)!

Please nominate a member of your group to attend DiversiTEA (previously known as the Diversity Liaison Program) this week (yes, there will be some form of tea + snacks)! This month’s event will include a conversation about the conclusion of the Mosaic Project,
as well as a description of the Bias Report Support System (BRSS). When: Thursday, February 19th from 5:30-6:30 Where: Bauer 210

RSVP required!

SU Spring Elections

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Student Union’s Spring Elections will be taking place on March 3rd, 2014. Positions up in this election include: SU Exec, Senate seats from all schools, 10 Treasury seats, all Class Council positions, and all Olin Business Council positions.

In other news this week, SU will be welcoming a new Business Coordinator the first week of March and we hope you will all be welcoming and patient with her! Also, budget interviews are in progress!!!! CAT I Budget interviews are currently going
on. Most interviews occur in the SU Office in the DUC unless noted otherwise by your BAT leader. CAT II email interviews are also in progress so look out for those emails! If you have questions, please contact the Budget Committee Chai, Hunter Malasky, at budget@su.wustl.edu!

Please check out the attachments for other important updates.


Check out the Attachments!!!
There are two important announcements regarding:
 Hazing Prevention 
and a Student
Representative on the Board of Trustees  



Laura Roettges   |  Vice President of Programming

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