Senate Minutes – 02.24.2015

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at ude.l1545206119tsuw@1545206119gnof.1545206119ailem1545206119a1545206119

Senate and Treasury joint meeting

  1. Vote for Block Funding Amendment
    1. Block Funding will only applicable for one fiscal year
    2. Amendment passes senate and treasury
  2. General Budget presentation 2015-2016 by Nick Palermo
    1. Revenue
      1. (for more detailed breakdown refer to table)
      2. $2,896,132.88
        1. 1% from tuition
        2. Interest 0.105%
        3. Increase of $211,000
      3. Expenses
        1. Block funding
          1. Guaranteed funding for one year (following this term)
          2. Only group on its final year of funding is S.A.R.A.H
          3. Campus Y, Habitat for Humanity, Uncle Joe’s and EST approved for the next 2 years
          4. Amount stated is guaranteed to them
          5. Can track their spending, unsure if they have spent 90% this term
            1. Increase accountability on the part of the treasurers
            2. Scrutiny of the student body
          6. Passes both Senate and Treasury
        2. Campus Contributions
          1. What SU gives to various departments and organizations on campus that aren’t student groups
          2. Student sustainability fund ($14,000)
            1. Used to be a blanket sum $4,000
            2. Now we’re contributing $10,000 and the Office of Sustainability is giving $4,000 to increase student involvement in having a say in projects
              1. Push for more student representation on the board to ensure that the undergraduate population is represented
            3. Successful integration this term
            4. Stipends given to student groups who consult with the DGAC and make more sustainable choices, the difference is paid with this fund
          3. Community Service Office ($13,000)
            1. Increase in $2,000 to the Carshare fund to increase student access to service opportunities
              1. Increase in CSO for the Carshare fund as the cap is always hit
                1. Does not include gas money for students with their own car
              2. Get more student groups aware about this fund to ensure that other parts of the budget are taken up for this purpose
  • Reviews are made by the CSO
  1. Replacement of Service First with Engage STL to have deeper and more long lasting engagement in the community
    1. Smaller more sustained and concentrated groups
    2. Not a one day service project, spread out across the entire year
  • Involve interested faculty and professors that would want to lead projects
  1. Goal of getting students have more meaningful experiences in the St. Louis community
  1. Funding of a trip over fall break that is going to be available free of charge to students
  1. Jazz at Holmes
  2. SIL ($4,000)
    1. Down $2,200
    2. Funding for Destination Q; LGBTQ leader retreat
    3. Includes a student group advisor fund: provide food for advisors and their groups (gesture of goodwill)
    4. Excellence in leadership awards
  3. Planner contribution ($5,000)
    1. Split with CS40
    2. Given to all freshman when they come in
    3. Advocating for SU
  4. Martin Luther King ($2,200)
    1. Cover AV cost
  5. NCAA ($600)
    1. Subsidy for tickets
    2. In the event that an opportunity comes up to host a playoff game Dean Carroll will contact SU
  6. Passes Senate and Treasury
  • Student Group Programming
    1. Contributions that SU gives to spaces the student groups use
    2. 560 Building ($20,000)
      1. Building off campus where musical groups use for practice and performances
      2. Run by Edison
    3. DUC ($124,200)
      1. Rent for the SU office as well as room rentals in the DUC
      2. Will work on a contract with Reslife sometime with the carry forward to make premium South 40 spaces available for free
      3. Increase $4,200, in line with tuition increase
        1. Part of contractual agreement
      4. Passes Senate and Treasury
    4. Executive appeals ($55,000)
      1. People that appeal to SU exec are all the Class Councils and Executive entities
      2. No change in dollar amount
      3. Consolidation of General Appeal and Class council appeals into one account
        1. Prevent confusion
      4. Expect to spend close to all
      5. Passes Senate and Treasury
    5. Class councils ($69,000)
      1. None of the numbers have changed
      2. Internal reallocation of their budget from senior trip to senior week to account for increases in costs
      3. Class councils felt that the amount they had was sufficient
      4. Co-programmed a lot of events together
        1. Eliminated joint class council funds 2 years ago
        2. Increase in all of class council fund to account for this change ($2,000 increase)
      5. Exec appeals available as a cushion
      6. Passes Senate and Treasury
    6. SU Operating ($500,219.61)
      1. Insurance policies, equipment, office supplies,
      2. Every student group is given a certain amount of money for office supplies, printing paper
        1. Communicated to Student Groups through the treasury training
        2. Given out only once a year
        3. Still see this come up in their budget appeals, more publicity?
      3. Staff biggest increase
        1. Processing of paperwork, working the desks at the office, respond to student groups, general maintenance of office supplies
        2. Hired a new Business Coordinator with the funds from savings
          1. Starting late March
          2. 3 working full-time now
        3. Part-time receptionist
        4. Student workers
          1. Hired more – 18
          2. Some are Federal work study
  • Always in demand
  1. Tier system, the longer people work there the more they are paid ($11-$12)
  1. Passes Senate and Treasury
  • Other Student Union
    1. Compliment to the SU operating allocation
    2. Combination of internal things that SU needs to function and SU efforts
    3. Advertising – buy space in studlife
    4. Computers – replacement of equipment and servicing
      1. All computers on the first and second floor of the SU Office
      2. Inclusive of printers and other office supplies
      3. Increased due to the addition of new computers on the second floor of the SU Office (following the renovations)
      4. Overspent this year, thus increased $6,00 this year
    5. Events – activities fair and other programming that SU puts on or supplies that are needed on a last minute basis
    6. Newspaper readership – USA Today, NY Times, St.Louis Post Dispatch on main campus. Those on the Village and South 40 is funded by CS40
      1. Make sure that they match the demand in each place to use appropriate amount of funds
        1. Sales rep who works with us and a few other Universities to ensure that this is balanced
      2. Feedback is that it is very popular
      3. Initiative that started 3-4 years ago that we hope to continue
      4. FCC and CS40 partnered up to deliver newspapers to student dorms to get the word out there
    7. Green rebate fund – pay for price differences that exist between sustainable and less sustainable materials
      1. Run by the GEC
      2. On top of the sustainability fund
      3. Also for student groups that are organizing a green event for the first time
    8. Passes Senate and Treasury
  • SU Programming
    1. Sup All Night
      1. Not only a freshman event
      2. Increase by $2,000
    2. Engage 360
      1. SU’s community service operation
      2. Student groups are allowed to go out on large organized trips to communities that we have relation with
      3. Down from previous years to reflect the number of trips that Engage 360 has planned
      4. Large planning activity that goes on behind his
    3. First Friday/Activities Fair
      1. Use of carry-forward
      2. Worked with the DUC and local food areas
      3. Did not happen the same way it has in previous years
      4. Cover the clean-up of Brookings, table rentals etc…
      5. Looking to move Activities Fair to Mudd Field next Semester
        1. Used as a platform to showcase SU groups
      6. Passes Senate and Treasury
    4. School Councils
      1. Different student governments that represent the bodies of different undergraduate schools on campus
      2. Contributions from the schools themselves are unclear, no number given (blanket allocation)
      3. Programming carried out by the school councils are only for students (all)
        1. Fund events for students to give them the opportunity to meet administrators
        2. g EnCouncil meal with the dean
      4. Inclusion of ArtSci council this year, previously funded by carry forward
      5. ArtSci
        1. Previously the largest council on campus, hope to increase it
        2. Put on new programming efforts
        3. Increase based on projected spending
          1. Given $3,000 this year
        4. Architecture
          1. Bauhaus no longer exists, Sam Fox Fest in replacement
            1. Culminates something similar to Bauhaus at an off campus venue that is smaller in size
          2. Business
            1. Need to find out more information before providing more funding to AXE event
          3. Art council
            1. Still funding art prom
              1. Art prom may not be accessible to students
              2. Still one of the best events put up by a school council
  • Imperative to fund the event as long as students have interests to go to such events
  1. Passes Senate and Treasury
  1. SPB
    1. Increase of $5,000 reflecting more production costs for WILD
      1. Largest part of costs
    2. Worked to cut costs in other places such as happy hours
      1. 9-10 happy hours rather than 14
    3. Recently took on a film committee
      1. Looking to put on film screenings
      2. Talked to film board who will move towards more academic things rather than programming
      3. Covers some of the cost
        1. Acquisition of the film committee occurred in the last two weeks, a lot is being done to look at potential costs such as working with the DUC
      4. Purchasing a system that provides Movies Rights, can download movies at a lower cost
      5. Something that will happen next semester through a carry forward or through an exec appeal
        1. Finalized partnerships
      6. Management of SPB funds
        1. Purchase alcohol out of operating costs using SU funds
        2. Prevent the purchasing of items that would be redundant
          1. Ensure that funds are being employed properly
        3. Known to spend all of their money, compared to CAT 1 student groups that do not spend all of the funds allocated to them
          1. Until we see a more consistent spending environment more budget will be allocated to CAT 1 and CAT 2 groups
        4. Increase in budget to get higher caliber for WILD?
          1. Need large chunks of money to move talent from one tier to the next
          2. Think that this current amount is appropriate for the time being
            1. Taking into consideration of where WILD is, where WashU is located, the interest of the student body
  • Has done a lot of work to inform the student body as to how the process works, involving them in the decision-making process
  1. $299,000 a year for all talent (not just wild)
  1. Attendance of events
    1. No numerical cap in terms of attendance to WILDS
    2. Concerts in the gargoyle are limited to the capacity of the space itself
      1. No desire to have a person that will draw more people than the space can house
  • Comedy shows seem to be well-attended
  1. Passes Senate and Treasury
  1. Sports Club Network
    1. Increase of $50,000 from last year
    2. All of the sports club on campus that SU funds
    3. Number of people getting involved in sports club, amounts of fundraising these groups have to do to cover costs, number of new sports clubs added
      1. Warrant the increase in their funding
    4. Working closely to ensure that their system benefits all they represent
      1. Looking to restructure them to become more like a budget committee process
        1. Hybrid SPB and Budget Committee system
      2. Presidents and Treasurers submit their budget for third party review
        1. Details have not been fleshed out
        2. Work in progress; most likely in the next Exec’s term
      3. Currently cannot appeal directly to treasury for more finding
        1. No rule dictating this
        2. People in the Sports Club Board are best handled to deal with this
  • Defining a lot of these processes to make it clearer for groups
  1. Lacks the ability for sports club to appeal to them, limited funds available
    1. Internally has an appeals account
    2. Do we need an external SU appeals account for the Sports Club Board?
      1. No specific way of dictating things
    3. Clarification: spending disparity between club sports and Varsity teams
      1. Existence of a third party to provide oversight of the club’s spending
      2. Make it more equitable, prevent clubs to be prohibited by costs
    4. To what extent should SU funds be used as blanket funds for Sports Groups?
      1. Clubs decide how much their members are willing to pay on their own
      2. Hard to manage at this macro level
      3. At the moment all of the treasurers of the sports clubs sit together and decide how to split the $250,000
    5. Passes Senate and Treasury
  • SU Committees
    1. New section that is given to the general budget
      1. In the past nay exec entity submitted a proposal to VP Finance, VP Finance will act as the Treasurer of the group
      2. Felt like a conflict of interest at times, and going beyond the scope of VP Finance
      3. Are Exec entities that are in the constitution
    2. Green Programming
      1. Have money allocated so that they can expand the impact of their programming efforts
    3. DAC
      1. Similar ideas
      2. Transformed into a group that has more purpose, putting on conversations with student to engage in discussions of diversity
    4. Judicial
      1. Provide an important service to SU
      2. No demarcation of funds to Senate and Treasury, at this point of time
        1. Still goes through the appeals process
      3. SU PR Committee
        1. Have not worked out the specifics for this committee yet
        2. Idea that the VP of PR will hire people with Graphics Design or Filming abilities
        3. Has existed in the past informally
          1. Hired students on a project by project basis
          2. Not under the oversight of Senate or Treasury
        4. Not the amount that will specifically be allocated to them, just the funds that are available
        5. In the SU Constitution that the SU VP of PR is supposed to Chair
      4. Passes Senate and Treasury
  • Allocation Boards
    1. All of the funding for student groups, speaker series, new advocacy fund
    2. Advocacy fund
      1. Funding first projects now
      2. Push for “It’s On Us”
        1. SARAH has applied for funds to stream a documentary released by the White House
      3. Filling an important space considering that there is limited room to fund programming, through normal budget platforms
      4. Formally write this in as a commitment
      5. Similar to and Exec appeal
        1. DAC or GEC might send representatives to make allocation decisions
        2. People that are more intimately involved with these advocacy issues on campus have a say
      6. Speaker Series
        1. Left it as is, this year was funded by the carry forward
        2. No increase to appeals, hesitant due to the potential for speakers to cancel
          1. Seen in the past
  • Clarifications
    1. Revenue estimated from data of freshman class size
    2. Overhead service charge estimate” around 5%, management of the financial institute that holds it
  1. Vote on General Budget
    1. Passes Senate and Treasury