Treasury Minutes – 02.17.15

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: February 17, 2015

I. Call to order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the Treasury session at 9.30pm today at Simon 113.

II. Roll call

No. Name Committee Seat P/A/E Comments
1 Alex Beaulieu SGAC Spring P
2 Alex Rothbard SGAC Fall P
3 Bill Feng SGAC Fall P
4 Bradford Orr BC Fall P
5 Chris Dijs BC Spring P
6 Danyao Xu SGAC Chair Fall P
7 Gad Choi BC Spring A N
8 Hunter Malasky BC Chair Fall P
9 Iliana Ragnone BC Fall P
10 James Harvey SGAC Spring P
11 Jenny Wang SGAC Fall E
12 Keaton Schifer SGAC Fall P
13 Kenneth Sng Speaker Spring P
14 Lisa Gosine BC Fall P
15 Luke Summerlin BC Spring P
16 Maaz Ahmad BC Fall P
17 Reuven Shechter BC Spring E
18 Sam Silver SGAC Spring P
19 Tiffany Zhang SGAC Fall P
20 Vikram Biswas BC Spring P
21 Will Freeman SGAC Spring P

III. Appeals

Student Group: Korean Students Association

Title of Event: Spirit of Korea         

Amount Requested: $2,424.00

Amount Approved: $1,827.00

No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $1,827.00 Main Motion 15 2 0 18
2 $2,424.00 Amendment 3 14 0 18
Treasury funded the full $1,050 request for audio equipment and $777 for Jaeyook Bokkeum (Korean Marinated Pork Belly) at $12.95/lb. 

Treasury representative Keaton Schifer noted that Budget Committee had already funded $4,166.04 for this event, which includes $1,380 for food.

Student Group: WU Cypher

Title of Event: Show Me Stylez VII 

Amount Requested: $9,617.00

Amount Approved: $9,617.00

No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $9,617.00 Main Motion 16 1 0 18
There was discussion to reduce the number of Bboys from 6 to 4. After much discussion, Treasury voted to fund the event in full.

Student Group: KWUR

Title of Event: KWUR Week                       

Amount Requested: $9,300.00

Amount Approved: $2,800.00

No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1  $9,300 Main Motion
2  $2,800 Amendment  10 7 0 17
3  $2,800 Main Motion  10 7
4  $4,400 Amendment 6 11
5 $4,900 Amendment  8 9
6 $6,100 Amendment 8 9
Treasury noted that even though KWUR requested $800 for “Production cost for Tycho”, the $800 expense should be more accurately described as a ticket buyout. 

Some Treasury representatives raised concern that the Grouper performance, priced at $6,500, would only be available to 80 students (or $81.25 per student.) Treasury representative Luke Summerlin added that a ticket for Grouper’s performance typically cost around $20.


KWUR responded to the concerns by explaining they had originally reserved Graham Chapel, which had a capacity of 700-800, but their reservation was cancelled by Wash U because of Scholarship Weekend. Treasury representative Maaz Ahmad proposed several Amendments to include a subsidy for the Grouper event.


After several rounds of voting, Treasury decided to only fund Tycho and Tim Hecker’s performance at $800 and $2,000 respectively.


 IV. Student Union Constitutional Amendment

Treasury voted unanimously in favor of the following amendment to the SU Constitution:

  1. Any Senator may author and propose to the Senate a resolution, either internal or external, which shall be read into the minutes. Any constituent of the Student Union may author and propose external resolutions, which shall be read into the minutes.

V. Updates

Student Union Elections will be held on March 3. Starting this semester, candidates will not be required to acquire signatures to run. Instead, they would be required to attend one of the two mandatory candidate meetings.
Senate passed an amendment with both Senate and Treasury’s approval. See section IV.

Chinese Students Association has kindly invited 10 Treasury representative to Michelle Kwan’s Meet-and-Greet Session.Student Union Vice-President of Public Relations has agreed to help with the design for Treasury jackets.


There will be an extra Treasury session on March 4th to make up for the missed session during spring break.

Budget Committee allocations start on Monday.

VI. Open Forum

Comments: By:
Treasury representatives need to ask questions that are more “on point.” Questions need to draw out information that will help representatives make well-informed decisions. 

Treasury needs to be more decisive instead of going around in logical circles.


There are only two reasons why you should object to voting: you are undecided or if you think that there is not enough information for Treasury to make an informed decision.  Group/Speaker
People who object should be immediately brought on to the speaker’s list.  Group
Wait to motion to vote until the group is done speaking (were on the speaker’s list)  Exec

 VII. Adjournment

Speaker of the Treasury adjourned the meeting at 12.45.a.m.

Minutes Submitted by: Chris Dijs

Minutes Approved by: Kenneth Sng