Senate Minutes – 03.31.2015


  1. New policies
    1. 3unexcused absences is grounds for removal
      1. Valid reasons to be excused: examination (at that time), family matters, at the discretion of the Speaker of the Senate
      2. 1 committee absence = 1 Senate absence
    2. No work in committees
      1. 1 week no work = speak with committee chair
      2. 2 weeks no work = meet with the Speaker of the Senate
    3. Campus voices
        1. Blacklist certain names that people can change their nicknames to (i.e Chancellor Wrighton)
        2. Overlapping name with the text when using it on your phone
  • Concerned about being able to put whatever nickname, is it possible to standardize it
    1. Default to anonymous
    2. Default to WUSTL key
    3. Not that important to have them comment in a nickname
  1. What’s the benefit of them logging into with their WUSTL key?
    1. If people are particularly active, visibility
  2. Should there be a screening that happens before somebody comments on something?
    1. Avoid blanket statements about controversial issues (Senate as a whole body reacting to that)
  3. Mobile site
    1. Lack of an option/home button to return to the main page
  • No way to rank things, most posts don’t go to the top
    1. Have two separate pages like Yik Yak (New and Hot)
  • Don’t need categories on the side
    1. Post everything at the same place
    2. Less is more
  1. Anything that we can put that is more WashU credible
    1. Step up the credibility of it, so that it looks like it is run by WashU
    2. SU logo at the top left corner
  2. Unify the font scheme
    1. Little design issues to work out
  3. Would this turn into SU becoming a reactionary body?
    1. It is Senate’s job to react to things on campus
      1. Be aware of the climate, rather than reacting spontaneously
    2. SU wants to be proactive in the stuff we do, before things get bad enough for the things to be on the website
  • Some of the things written on the site are things that we would never think about
  1. Would people use this platform to bring change on campus that Senate can’t necessarily work on?
    1. When a task is “resolved” it gets moved into a resolved forum
    2. People are still able to get updates on what is happening with the situation – even if it is not fully resolved (for instance the Peabody protests)
  2. Can we divide up when a committee looks at the forum?
    1. Alternate, so that not everyone is looking at the forum at once
    2. If there was something serious or big then the committee can present it to Senate at the next general meeting
  3. Create admin accounts for each branch of SU
    1. Not necessary
    2. Let them know that this platform is available
  • Pass the account to Mike Holtz
  1. Do a big push for this platform with the incoming freshman class
    1. Getting to the pre-orientations, through the First Year Centre
    2. Bring back constituency emails
  2. WFF
    1. We need help
      1. Tabling
        1. 07 and 04.09 11am-2pm
      2. Getting food
  • Packing food
  1. Delivering food
  1. Open forum
    1. EST has a chipotle benefit night this Friday (4pm-8pm)
  2. Brainstorming
    1. Add street lights near WashU off campus apartments
    2. Get rid of all regular to go boxes (long term goal)
    3. Impact study of Mudd field