Senate Minutes – 04.07.15

  1. WFF Thank You Notes
    1. Edits made to the main WFF Thank You note
  2. Brainstorm
    1. Natalie – update lighting for 276 N Skinker
    2. Tommy – sustainable, eco-to-go
    3. Tommy – green parking permit for people who live in the Lofts, not allowed to park anywhere on campus
    4. Nicole – path across Mudd
    5. Bo – get Linkedin pictures for non B-School students
    6. Bo – more stand-up tables in the library
    7. Bo – getting more bike racks around Lopata
    8. Nik – fulfill ArtSci distribution requires outside ArtSci
    9. Uma – bring back the Senate Speaker allocation amendment
    10. Alexander – professional services for Engineering students, for people to prep for internships this summer (resume, position search)
    11. Alexander – see what the relationship is between the Skanadalaris center and the Engineering school
      1. Housed in Olin but not part of the business school
      2. Moving out of Olin this summer, moving into Mallinckrodt
    12. Alexander – stapler in Lopata printing room, organization of rooms
    13. Caroline – provide better support structures for students who want to start their on entrepreneurship ventures
    14. Caroline – have an intro to drawing class for non art/architecture majors
    15. Sih – peer mentorship across schools and majors
    16. Sih – getting feminine products in all the bathrooms
    17. Sih – more clothing donations boxes around
    18. Stella – UCollege and High School College Access program
    19. Jace – improving course evaluations, to be able to see the comments left
      1. Tommy: idea is that you have to make a course evaluation before you can see the comments
      2. Jen Smith expressed her concerns for doing this
  • Only get your final grade/get your final grade early only if you did the course evaluations
  1. How do you prevent people from doing bad course evaluations?
  2. Possible concerns: bad comments about professors
  3. People use rate-my-professor more
  1. Rahool – actual cooking class, not for credit
    1. Too difficult to make the actual class out of credit
    2. Talk to Connie, create small focus programs
  • Health and wellness committee not sure what resources that students have access to, no way to publicize
  1. Demo kitchen in BD can fit 20
  2. Have a class once every couple of weeks
  1. Scott – CS40 and Res Life project
  2. Stella – a centralized page where everyone can access all of the resources available
    1. Add to student voices? (Resources we have at WashU)
  3. Mike – black bean burgers in Bear’s Den (Tommy)
  4. Amelia – composting in BD
  5. Rahool – composting in Holmes
  6. Sih – Getting a printer in Holmes/Lopata
  7. Sih – all school calendar
    1. Previous board rejected it
    2. WashU in the process of changing its system, functionality of it does not meet the needs of it (calendar company EMS)
  • STAC hires students to carry out this project
  1. About to send out the STAC survey, hoping that the data will be enough to give WashU a push to fund the project
  1. “I love Wash U but…”
    1. Have whiteboards around campus to gain students feedback
  2. Committee positions available
    1. STAC – Sih
    2. Dining Services
  • Parking and Transportations
  1. Open Forum
    1. Uma
      1. Senate Seat allocation amendment was brought up last year by Sawyer and it was tabled
      2. Amendment is trying to change the way we appoint senators
        1. There is a certain number of seats for each school and those seats can only be occupied by people from that school
        2. If those seats remain empty, it is up to the Speaker of the Senate to appoint somebody from another school to fill that seat
        3. After the term is over the seat returns to that school, if it still remains open the Speaker has the right to appoint someone to fill the seat again
          1. At the Speaker’s discretion
  • Concerns: difficult to find people to appoint, put out an application and wait for people to fill it out, by the time they are appointed it will be the middle of the term they have less time to get things done
    1. Follow the way Treasury does their elections, if there isn’t anyone filling in that seat than someone who didn’t get elected from the other schools can fill in that seat
      1. Senate seats aren’t that competitive, so we may not necessarily have candidates from other schools to appoint from that seat
    2. Treasury: Top vote getter from every school gets a spot, then it is allocated – if there isn’t one person from every school then it goes to the highest vote getter
  1. Diversity is more important on Senate than on Treasury
  2. Concerns: being from a different school doesn’t make you a better senator
    1. Senate be a body where you are elected, so you ran for your seat for committees
    2. g Sustainability, Academic seats etc…
    3. Run for that segment of the school and your job as a senator is to be on the committees involved with those areas
    4. Become a master of what’s going on, form strong relationships with administrators and just be on top of that segment – solve the problem of not knowing what to do
    5. Concerns:
      1. Senators are elected not necessarily because they know the most about a particular area
        1. When you begin to go to their meetings you will learn more about the way things work
      2. What is the purpose of the committee structure?
        1. People do different projects that aren’t even based on their committees
        2. How do we fix this?
  • Having people designated to the specific portions of the school might solve this problem
  1. Issue of what people aren’t we representing
    1. We are not large enough to divide people into that many other things
    2. Don’t have diversity within groups
  2. Have the freedom to do different projects
    1. What you’re interested in that gets done
  3. Problem is more of how do we get more people in senate – to solve the problem
  1. Negative of having less flexibility in how you choose your projects, but the positives outweigh the negatives
    1. Pass the projects that are not in your segment to somebody who does specialize
  2. Listening to the executive committees inside Student Union, they cannot do the resolution stuff
    1. How do we use them to inform us, to advocate for these different factions of student union?
  3. Difficult for people to come up with projects with current projects about the school, but going to meetings with people that have more expertise in the area you will learn more about areas that need projects
    1. Difficult for us to reach out to students and hear what needs to be done
    2. Stuck coming up with projects that we think is useful instead of what is needed
    3. In order to get more involved in that area, create spots on that committee to serve based on that interest
  4. Issue being divided on committees and the way we are elected
    1. Amendment is only based on how we get more people to sit on senate
    2. If and when we get more people to sit on senate we can find ideas on what we can do with them
  5. When we have speakers come in it is nice to hear their expertise
    1. Nice to have feedback for them, about what is wrong about the school/what areas of improvement exist
  6. People do not sit on committees on campus
    1. Make it mandatory
  7. How can we get senators more involved?
  8. How do we allocate seats on Senate?
    1. Issue based or constituency based
    2. Automatic allocation based on what part of the student population you represent – similar to the model of Northwestern
  9. Based on the structure we have for Senate now, is to get more people on Senate
    1. Should be mandatory for people to sit on all the major committees
    2. Create a sub committee that focuses on student groups and how we can help student groups
  10. Amendment removed from the table