Senate Minutes – 04.14.15

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at ude.l1545205543tsuw@1545205543gnof.1545205543ailem1545205543a1545205543


  1. SU Exec 2015-2016 brief overview
    1. Administration
      1. SU Culture
        1. Increase transparency in meetings
        2. SU Retreat overhaul
          1. Send out dates in advance so people can indicate their availability (as soon as possible)
        3. Connecting the different aspects of SU
      2. Transparency
        1. Semesterly report
        2. Better publicity of SU projects
          1. More cohesive body, recognition of projects from all branches of SU
  • Recruitment and retention
    1. On boarding for new SU reps
      1. Help new representatives know what to expect and how meetings are run
    2. SU Leadership overhaul
      1. Bringing high profile administrators to figure out the best way to work together with the administration
    3. Revitalizing our recruitment efforts
      1. 6 open seats on Senate right now, needs to be addressed
    4. Public relations
      1. Transparency
        1. Publicize the SU roles, legislative bodies, and resources in a more concrete manner
        2. ‘text SU helpline”
        3. Graphics that showcase all entities of SU
      2. Promotional support for student groups
        1. SUPR Committee
          1. Website and logo design, photography support
        2. All-school email revamp
          1. Make things more student focused
          2. g week of Relay for Life with showcase Relay
  • Communications
    1. Make content more engaging and less stagnant
    2. Consolidate and update entity websites
    3. Showcase legislative work
  1. Programming
    1. Advising
      1. Working with Class Councils, SPB and other entities to ensure effective programming and use of finances
      2. Students like working with students
        1. Current layout of the office not conducive for this
      3. Engage 360
        1. Revitalize and revamp Engage to make them a legitimate organization
  • Support student groups
    1. Develop programming training for student group leaders
    2. Help student program more effectively to alleviate the drain of campus resources like the DUC events management offices
      1. Focus more on their events rather than maneuvering the bureaucracy
    3. Finance
      1. Analyze current practices
        1. Sports club board
        2. Community service and large fundraising groups
        3. General budget, block funding groups
        4. Different funds (advocacy, everybody’s welcome, SSF, GRF)
      2. Support student groups
        1. More transparency through student group budgeting
        2. Revamped Presidents and Treasurers training
      3. President
        1. Engagement
          1. Advocate for students, allow SU to use SU as a resource to advocate for themselves
        2. Projects
          1. Sustainability
            1. Financial feasibility for student groups
          2. Exec appeals
            1. Should be used to support all SU entities, SU should support our own projects
            2. Money shouldn’t be a factor that holds an officer of SU back
          3. Socio-economic diversity
            1. Continuing project and support students who can’t afford aspects of student life
              1. Increase in students that are pell-grant eligible and/or receiving financial aid
            2. SU becomes proactive, not reactive when dealing with students
          4. Summer plans
            1. Lay ground work for all projects
            2. Develop project tracking methods
  • Hit the ground running when we get back in the Fall
  1. Publications
  1. Senate discussion – how can we help achieve the goals of exec?
    1. Texting service seems like a good fit for the Student Voices project?
      1. Hotline is more specific to basic SU questions
        1. Addresses the need for an immediate response
      2. Website meant to be slightly more informative
    2. Brainstorm/open forum
      1. Meetings at 9pm at the DUC next semester