Senate Minutes – 09.01.15

 For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at  ude.l1545008773tsuw@1545008773gnof.1545008773ailem1545008773a1545008773


  1. Highs and lows
  2. Senate policies
    1. Absences
      1. 2 absences are permitted (3rd is grounds for removal by the speaker)
      2. Committee absence = senate absence
  • What does not count as an absence?
    1. Exam
    2. Family emergency
    3. Athletic event (participation)
    4. At the discretion of the speaker
  1. Work
    1. Updates every week
      1. 1 week without work, discretion of the committee chair
      2. 2 weeks without work, meeting with the speaker and committee chair
    2. Cell phones and computers
      1. No use of cell phone or computers (unless you are taking minutes)
    3. Breakout sessions and brainstorm
      1. Meeting with committee chairs and brainstorm (refer to the google drive)
    4. SU plugs
      1. Presidents and Treasurer’s Meeting
        1. Sunday, September 13th
        2. Stella, Uma, Jonah will be attending (help the administration)
      2. State of the University Address
        1. Wednesday, October 7th, 8pm
      3. Tuition Forum
        1. Monday, November 16th, 8pm
      4. Open forum/Exec updates
        1. Email about: retreat feedback form, SU recruitment (change cover or pro pic)