Senate Minutes – 09.08.15

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at


  1. Pizza
  2. Swearing in of new Senate members by Constitutional Council (Associate Justice Hailey)
    1. Julie Messing
    2. Amanda Bass
    3. Chris Hall
    4. Jonah
  3. Highs and lows
  4. Senate goals and updates
    1. 11 applications to senate, every school is represented
      1. Focus on architecture
    2. Goals:
      1. Big picture of WashU
      2. Think longer term
        1. g School spirit (Scott’s project with Dean Wilde)
        2. Make a meal point equal to one dollar
        3. Parking, ramifications of the new renovations of Brookings
        4. Make sure that there are a cost effective dorms still available (costs comparable to traditional dorms)
          1. For students on financial aid in particular?
        5. Creating some fund for students on financial aid can use
          1. Doing a trial with seniors, paying for senior events like the float trip
        6. Senior resolution for part-time status
          1. Resolution passed senate, resolution still hasn’t been side by the President
          2. g be recognized as a student while taking 9 credits and doing part-time job hunting (since job recruitment happens in the Fall)
            1. Seniors can currently take less credits during their last semester
          3. Plan It: online worksheet that helps you fill out your core requirement (for ArtSci), expand it to other schools
            1. Engineering has DARS (degree audit report service)
            2. B-School has BASe Audit
            3. Using a single platform
            4. Account for different classes, double major
          4. Trying to increase senate presence on campus
            1. Making it something that’s more accessible and visible
            2. Better idea of what senate does
              1. Co-sponsoring events with class
              2. Advertise a special open senate meeting
  • Painting the underpass for open senate meeting
  1. “townhall” when anyone in the community can come and voice their grievances and senators can take on their project
    1. Rebrand a specific meeting
    2. First Tuesday of every month
  • Needs to have an incentive?
  • Projects and Resolutions
  1. Break out into committees
  1. Breakout sessions and brainstorm
  2. SU plugs
    1. Presidents and Treasurer’s training at 9am on Sunday
    2. State of the University
      1. October 7th, 8pm
      2. no senate meeting that week
    3. Tuition Forum
      1. November 16th, 8pm
      2. no senate meeting that week
  3. Updates from Exec
    1. Great senate long-term projects
    2. Socio-economic scholarships something that execs are working on this week
    3. If you want to engage constituents from your school SU can help make arrangements and fund a meal
    4. Treasury is hearing one appeal
    5. Treasury doing speaker series treasury training (Saturday morning, 9am)
    6. Judicial has apps going out for new associate justices