Senate Minutes – 09.15.15

For questions or clarific

ations, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at  ude.l1545221932tsuw@1545221932gnof.1545221932ailem1545221932a1545221932


  1. Swearing in of new Senator Ivy Chen
  2. Highs and Lows
  3. Brainstorm a way that we can reach out to all the different categories of student groups
    1. Incentivized, if a Senator plans something SU will fund it
      1. Email Kenneth and Jordan to ask for how much money (give them a budget, details such as when/where/how many people)
      2. Report on the conversation the week after
  • Scott is happy to join any one-senator team
  1. Talk to student leaders and figure out what’s on their mind
  2. Each senator is assigned to one category of student groups
  3. Each senator is registered on sufinance, can use the operating account to find the contact information of the President and Treasurers for each student group (all up to date as of 09/13)
  4. Bring the How’s Things Work (SU copy) to the get together to help them understand some issues
    1. We’ll send the updated version out
    2. Will be on the SU website
  5. Suggested topics to talk about:
    1. Figure out smaller topics for larger categories or pick the more active groups, or tag into their leaders round table
    2. Who you are, introduce yourself and your role as a senator
  • Advocating for the students, voicing things on behalf of the student body to the administration
  1. What makes you angry about student union
    1. In addition to finance issues
  2. What do you think SU does/what we can do for them?
  3. What do you think SU does well?
  • What is your idea of student government?
  • Light informal polling
  1. What restrictions prevent you from doing the most with your group?
  2. Is there an event that they’ve been trying to do that hasn’t come into fruition that we can help them with?
  3. What things do you think need to be improved on campus?
  • What makes you angry about the administration? Or anything
  • Have they had any problems with specific processes on campus?
    1. Credit restrictions, general grievances
  • What channels do you normally use to voice such concerns? If no channels are available, how can we create one?
  1. Next week 3 administrators are coming to Senate to present: Paul Schimmele, April Powell, and Tara Bone
    1. Come with questions prepared
    2. Update on Mozz sticks: Mike is meeting Connie on Friday 09/18
      1. Presenting the petition to Connie
    3. SU updates
      1. FCC updates today
      2. Senate application process
      3. Recruitment and retention will be sending out an application, look out for an email the next couple of weeks
      4. Speaker series line up is out
      5. President’s and Treasurer’s training went well
    4. Open Forum
      1. 8pm October 7th , Umrath Lounge, State of the University Address
      2. 8pm November 16th, location TBD, Tuition Forum
      3. Have Chan/PR advertise the next senate meeting