Treasury Minutes – 10.27.15

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: October 27, 2015

I. Call to order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the Treasury session at 9:30pm today at Simon 113.

II. Roll call

No. Name Committee Seat P/A/E Comments
1 Alex Beaulieu   Spring P  
2 Bill Feng   Fall P  
3 Bradford Orr   Fall E  
4 Danyao Xu SGAC Chair Fall P  
5 Hunter Malasky Speaker Fall P  
6 Iliana Ragnone   Fall P  
7 James Harvey   Spring P  
8 Minki Kim   Fall P  
9 Keaton Schifer   Fall P  
10 Luke Summerlin   Spring P  
11 Maaz Ahmad   Fall P  
12 Sam Silver   Spring E  
13 Vikram Biswas BC Chair Fall P  
14 Kabir Samtani   Spring E  
15 Lemoine Joseph   Spring P  
16 Laura Roettges   Spring P  
17 Mehrmah Haider   Spring E  
18 Rosie Rust   Spring P  
19 Sydney Robinson   Fall P  
20 Andrew Brown   Fall P  
21 Travis Parr   Fall E  

III. Appeals

Student Group: GlobeMed

Title of Event: Hilltop Conference 

Amount Requested: $1,200

Amount Approved: $1,200

No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $1200 Main Motion 15 0 0 15


Sound appeal, working with outside resources, funded in full

IV. Updates

Jordan: “It’s been a weekend.” Black Anthology will be in Treasury next Tuesday. Reserve-a-Space is phasing out; mixing with Portfolio.


Constitutional Amendment brought to Treasury to increase number of filled seats by (1) considering candidates who ran in general election, not going to votes, and then by (2) appoint via Speaker of the Senate.

o   Drawbacks of underrepresentation: Turn away people who can make positive impact on campus.

o   Uncomfortable with issue of potential misrepresentation on Senate and segregation across schools

o   Possibility of changing Senate dynamic as a whole

o   Counter:

Aftermath/Fail-Safe Procedure

·      Vote on the amendment: 6-9-1 (Y/N/Abstention)

o   Amendment does not pass Treasury

o   Treasurer requested to work with Senate on amendment




Speaker and Committee Chair:
BC: Onto CAT I, Everyone is doing a really great job.

Jordan: Why not funding all events? What communication is going to student groups? Challenge ways we can communicate more.

BC: Funding has a purpose; restrictions also play a part. Communication not always in the event notes but stressed in the follow-up emails. Stressing following up to make “How Things Work Better”

SGAC: Two meetings last week, finished all groups on the docket, long meeting Saturday – bad attendance but made it work

Next Tuesday: 3 appeals, Budget allocation, category changes & new student groups, ELECTION NIGHT, end of the term



V. Open Forum

Comments: By:
No Open Forum  



VI. Adjournment

Speaker of the Treasury adjourned the meeting at 11:50 PM.

Minutes Submitted by: Lemoine Joseph, Jr.

Minutes Approved by: Hunter Malasky, Speaker of the Treasury