Senate Minutes – 10.27.15

  1. Dr Lorie S. White Chancellor for students affair
  2. How can we actively improve on role as the advocacy body?
    1. Branding
    2. Streamline method of communication
    3. Feel the ground
    4. How can we make sure people know about us?
      1. Interpersonal relationships
      2. Beyond just a branding problem
  • Look for concrete next steps
  1. Little required interaction that we have with students, more required opportunities
    1. Tabling at the DUC with a fixed issue every week
    2. Go to random events and talk to students
  2. Restructure senate
    1. Not elected by schools
    2. Elected by committees (e.g dining services)
  • (or) elected onto senate and then the first meeting decide what committee they want to be assigned to
    1. Committees will change
    2. Decide what is always necessary
    3. How do you make senators accountable?
      1. Get senators to present at senate meetings every week (1-5 min)
      2. Have a more direct senators-student interaction
    4. (or) so advocacy for dining services will be on a University Initiatives committee member
      1. So broad reaching that you don’t necessarily need to get rid of them
    5. Have it so the election is still the same now, select what committee you want to be on after the first meeting
    6. Doing more school specific things
      1. More school advocacy
    7. Student activists come and present their sides of the story
      1. E.g Phil Valko and someone from Green Action
    8. Invite members from a student group who might be interested in the speaker that we are having during the week
    9. We are elected to be responsible for advocating for the student body