Senate Minutes – 11.03.15


  1. Scott Jacobs and Shyam Akula, student representatives on the board of trustees
    1. Undergraduate representatives go on all of the meetings and sit on 8/9 committees
      1. Attend a committee meeting a week
      2. Most important committee is the undergraduate experience committee
    2. Opportunities to create an interface between the Board and students
      1. Pilot program where 12 different trustees were paired with different undergraduates for 2h chunks of the day
      2. Dinner at the Chancellor’s house with the trustees and their spouses, students are invited
    3. Duties are to meet with different student leaders to answer what is happening on campus
    4. Updates on what happened in the past meeting (October)
      1. Dr White: review of the campus climate survey
        1. Students brought the petitions that was circulating that demanded SHS hire more staff (for sexual assault support) to the Board
      2. Situation surrounding adjunct faculty members, have unionized as there is a formal negotiation process that is going on
  • Socio-economic goals: are we actually making sure that students are being well supported when they are here?
    1. Different student groups working on putting together formal plans to ensure that there is the necessary infrastructure in place to ensure that fiscally WashU is able to support those students
  1. East campus plans were announced
    1. Break ground date isn’t till a year
    2. Pressing issues can still be brought up to the administration and the board
  2. We are in good financial health
  3. Educational policy committee: granting and approving tenure requests
    1. 16 new faculty members granted tenure
      1. Most of which in the medical school
    2. Questions:
      1. Formal process for consulting senate before meeting with the board?
      2. Diversity in hiring practices?
        1. Provost Thorp a strong advocate
        2. Committee working on implementing recommendations from the diversity survey within the next year
  • Role of students in meetings?
    1. Make recommendations
      1. RSVP from things voiced by the student representatives
    2. Resolution for Solar Panels
      1. Passes 14-00
    3. Tuition forum: November 16th, 8pm
    4. Updates
      1. Exec
        1. SU BBQ 2pm, 11/07 (Sat)
        2. Fall inauguration 5:30pm @ Holmes Lounge, 11/10 (Tue)
  • Discussion on where senate is going in the years to come, task force going to be assembled
    1. Need 2 people on senate on it
  1. Internal elections are next week (11/10)
  2. Putting together a group to look at the process of approving student groups. Seeking senate’s opinion
    1. What is SU’s touch point with student groups
  3. Treasury
    1. Appeals
    2. Approved all new groups from SGAC
  4. Mike Hayes
    1. Chat with him if you want to run for a leadership position