Treasury Minutes 2.9.16

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: 02/09/2016

I. Call to order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the Treasury session at 9.30pm today at Simon 122.

II. Roll call

No. Name Committee Seat P/A/E Comments
1 Peter Kiesel Spring P
2 Bill Feng SGAC Chair Fall P
3 Chris Wilson Fall P
4 Danyao Xu Fall P
5 Jackie Oestreicher Fall P
6 Iliana Ragnone Fall P
7 Omar Elganzouri Spring P
8 Travis Parr Fall P
9 Keaton Schifer BC Chair Fall P
10 Alex Rothbard Spring E
11 Max Thompson Fall P
12 Michael Field Spring P
13 Vikram Biswas Speaker Spring P
14 Carolina Feijó Spring P
15 Lemoine Joseph Spring P
16 Rosie Rust Spring P
17 Sydney Robinson Fall P
18 Minki Kim Fall P
19 Jonah Klein-Barton Fall P


III. Appeals

Student Group: Mortar Board

Title of Event: Jane Smiley

Amount Requested: $15,000

Amount Approved: $0


No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $0 Main Motion 18 0 0 18


Costs and programming ideas not specific.



IV. Updates

Kenneth (VP of Finance): Explain to Treasury about how the General Budget session is going to run (procedures); Make sure you voice your conflicts of interest if you have one






Speaker and Committee Chair:
Budget committee meeting this week. Activities committee meeting next week.



V. Open Forum

Comments: By:

Completed “It’s On Us “ Intervene Training


It’s On Us Facilitators

Confirmed two representatives to fill Junior Class Council



New Group Recognition based on Activities Committee’s recommendations






Deregistered STEM For Youth (merged with another group)



Certain orders should be followed strictly in Treasury



Some groups commented on other groups’ presentations last time and should not be allowed in the Treasury setting



Drop in professionalism when seeing appeals


Appreciate the work new appointed Treasury Representatives

have committed

Comparison between groups should be reconsidered; information that was mentioned during the presentation should not be asked repeatedly Iliana
As Treasury representatives, we should understand the impact we have when we make decisions Lemonine
Talked about the discussion happened last weekend about the cancellation of WILD Chris
Responded to the questions Chris asked Kenneth
Asked Kenneth about where the Fall WILD money goes now Peter
Responded to questions directly addressing General Budget Kenneth

VI. Adjournment

Speaker of the Treasury adjourned the meeting at  12:35am, 02/10/16       .

Minutes Submitted by: Danyao Xu

Minutes Approved by: Vikram Biswas