General Budget 2016

Student Union is proud to announce that the Student Union General Budget for FY16-17 has been passed yesterday. After a long two-day session, during which more than 11 hours were spent on careful deliberation and representing hundreds of student voices, Senate and Treasury provided the VP Finance, Kenneth Sng, with a list of changes recommended by students. 

The final proposal by the VP Finance — after taking into account feedback from hundreds of students through the legislators — was passed unanimously by Treasury and a 12–2 vote by Senate. Highlights of the approved General Budget includes: a $250,000 increase to the funds set aside all 338 SU student groups on campus (total: $1.355 million), a $129,000 increase to the Spring 2017 WILD budget (total: $325,603.54), $75,000 set aside for undergraduate programming revolving around the 2016 Presidential Debate, etc.

Finally, a big thank you to the following legislators for working tirelessly to advocate for their students: Vikram Biswas, Keaton Schifer, Bill Feng, Rosie Rust, Danyao Xu, Iliana Ragnone, Jackie Oestreicher, Jonah Klein-Barton, Travis Parr, Carolina Feijó, Michael Field, Chris Wilson, Max Thompson, Minki Kim, Sydney Robinson, Alex Rothbard, Omar Elganzouri, Peter Kiesel, Nicole Nemec, Amelia Fong, Jonah Ragsdale, Christopher Hall, Jenna Schnitzler, Rebecca Resnic, Amanda Bass, Rory Mather, Andrew Englund, Stella Schindler, Brian Adler, Uma Parikh, Chas Warden, Sih Oka-zeh, Sylvia Snyderman, Sankalp Kapur, Katie Wood, Ben Hauser , Lydia Duran, Mark McMillin, Varun Lahoti, Julie Messing.