Treasury Minutes – 04.19.2016

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: April 19, 2016

I. Call to order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the Treasury session at 9.30pm today at Simon 122.

II. Roll call

No. Name Committee Seat P/A/E Comments
1 Alex Rothbard Spring P Late – missed 1st appeal
2 Ankie Goyal Spring E
3 Anna Gao Spring P
4 Bill Feng Speaker Fall P
5 Brandon See Spring P
6 Chris Wilson Fall P
7 Danyao Xu Fall E
8 Eric Lu Spring P
9 Eva Fine Spring P
10 Iliana Ragnone BC Chair Fall P
11 Jackie Oestreicher Fall P
12 Jonah Klein-Barton Fall P
13 Katie Wood Spring P
14 Keaton Schifer Fall P
15 Max Thompson Fall P
16 Michael Field Spring P
17 Minki Kim Fall P
18 Omar Elganzouri Spring P
19 Rosie Rust Spring P
20 Sydney Robinson AC Chair Fall P
21 Travis Parr Fall E


III. Appeals


Student Group: WU Political Review

Title of Event: Issue 3 and 4

Amount Requested: $3,455.96

Amount Approved: $3,455.96


No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $3,455.96 Main Motion 16 0 0 16



Quick discussion, no issues found with appeal, funded in full.



Student Group: Women’s Water Polo

Title of Event: Nationals

Amount Requested: $6,569.81

Amount Approved: $6,569.81


No. Dollar Amount Main Motion/ Amendment Yes No Abstentions Total
1 $6,569.81 Main Motion 17 0 0 17


No cuts made. There was discussion regarding the funding of traveling expenses for the coach. Funded in full.

IV. Trending Topics


Amendment to Procedure (Vote: 15 Yes – 2 No):
– The original 5 minutes (max) of discussion after each speaker during presentations has been removed.
– 20 minutes of discussion will be added after all the speaker presentations and before the initial straw poll. Persons participating in the discussion will be strictly capped at a minute.
– Like before, only Treasury reps can participate in this discussion. Student groups can only get on the Speaker’s List to clarify factual information.








Speaker and Committee Chair:
AC: Co-Chair applications have been released

BC: None




V. Open Forum


Comments: By:
Treasury: Great attention to detail during appeals. Well-thought out questions asked. Bill
Is Devil’s Advocate useful for evaluating and discussing an appeal? Jonah, Katie, and Alex
To Speaker: Avoid chiming during discussion unless you put yourself on the Speaker’s List Michael

VI. Adjournment

Speaker of the Treasury adjourned the meeting at 11:57pm.


Minutes Submitted by: Keaton Schifer

Minutes Approved by: Bill Feng