Senate Minutes – 09.22.15

  1. Dining Services presentation: Paul Schimmele
    1. New things in dining services
      1. Nadeem transferred to the Bon Appetit account at Emory
      2. Bob Marx is the new General Manager
        2. Intends to train middle management for upper management
        3. Usually in his office from 1-3pm
  • New café “Grounds for Change”
    1. Has a program with local small entrepreneurs in providing food from their restaurants
    2. School of social work wants a connection with the community
    3. Different coffee there, chronicle coffee (local roaster)
  1. Salad by the ounce (Village and Paws)
    1. Change in response to criticism received about people who wanted to make themselves a small salad but felt the need to fit as much food as possible (threw away a lot of food in the end)
    2. Has received almost no complaints
  2. Eco To Go
    1. Go through 2,200 boxes a day at BD ($600), go through $360,000 worth of boxes across campus
    2. Significant amount waste that has to be reduced, boxes can be composted but still generates trash
    3. Patty worked with different software to make sure that the eco-to-go option is on your ID card
      1. Can be checked on Webstac (ecobox)
      2. Like taking out a library book
    4. Need help publicizing this, change habits
  3. Healthier Campus Initiative
    1. Partnership; goals are determined by Human Resources, Athletics and Fitness Center, Student Wellness team and Dining Services
    2. Contrary to popular opinion mozzarella sticks are not taken away, not available every night
      1. Reduced the number of fried options to increase space for healthier options
      2. Selected based on what students are eating
    3. Personal experience: students talk about eating healthy when he started here in 2003, our batch seems to be more conscious of having more healthy options
    4. Open to suggestions
  4., Danforth Campus Dining Manager
  5. Comments and questions
    1. How is Dining Services working on educating students on nutrition
      1. April and Connie work on the website
      2. Dining with the dietician
      3. Different nutrition tip every week on table display
      4. Connie will meet with any student who makes an appointment (individually and in groups)
    2. Question that dining services struggles with on a regular basis is “how best do we communicate with you?”
      1. Fall survey has been sent out, fill it up
      2. There is an advisory committee
  • (spoke to Connie about Mozzarella sticks) is there any favoritism between the different fried items?
    1. Mozzarella sticks are on rotation because of the amount consumed
  1. There is student support for the petition for mozzarella sticks, where do we move from here? If this is something that the student body wants, how do we move forward?
    1. Will be evaluated through the year
    2. First meeting of the advisory committee is this week, 2pm at Ibby’s
  2. Is there a way that we can make it more affordable to eat healthy on a regular basis?
    1. myPlate an option
    2. Challenge especially for the bronze plan
  3. Will you be working with the new Director of Athletics on how to eat healthy (not just work out)? Or a joint partnership with SHS, to ensure that students are covered on all fronts?
    1. Connie works with SHS and is also the dietician for the athletic department
    2. Have discussed a variety of things, currently evolving
  • Could you talk about how you use the data that tracks what students are buying at what times?
    1. Things we keep track on a regular basis: velocity report (how many people), trend reports
    2. Put barcodes on all the grab and go, used to be that you come up to the cash register and the person punches in the number
      1. Ensures that they are stocking the right items and identifying items that don’t move as fast
  • Student athletes have expressed concern that when they leave early in the morning for training there isn’t any hot food option that can help them reach their calorie intake (probably 50 people)
    1. Wasn’t aware that there were students up at 5am
    2. Helpful if a coach would let them know, indicate where they are living too
    3. Began to open earlier when some people from the crew team indicated that they needed meal options early in the morning
    4. Trend that more students are getting breakfast in the morning at BD
    5. Would like to hear more details about this
  1. Some people may not have the best interaction with staff because they aren’t sure how to order food in the right way, is there a customer service aspect?
    1. Ongoing training everyday
    2. 375 team members on this campus
  2. Where do we fall short compared to places that you have frequently work with?
    1. Sustainability aspect, currently wrestling with Eco to Go
      1. Got to get the word out
    2. Not enough outreach effort to freshmen
      1. Look at student advisors and student tour guides
      2. University needs to get the word out to freshmen (before they get on campus)
      3. Had a bit of a rough start, trying to work on a way to do a better job next year with the Class of 2020
      4. Trained the RA’s and all the staff working with new students
      5. 1500 High School students will be on campus, message needs to be sold even to them
  • Are the numerous Bosnian staff working for bon appetite, are those staff members underutilized?
    1. Going to look at that
  • A lot of concern of people who don’t get warm food before 11am, is there any talk about starting brunch at an earlier time on the weekend?
    1. First comment of this kind that they’ve heard
    2. Hot food in cherry tree
    3. Will look into it
  • When we talk about adding more options for students, how do you work around that (expanding workforce)? Stretching hours for people might be taxing
    1. Only way you can add more, hours wise, is to add more people to support these services
    2. Have more hours than we should have
    3. Adding more comes at a cost, more expensive meal plan
    4. Reduce the number of places we have to run a more efficient operation, dining services on a campus is different from running a food business
  1. Swearing in of new senators
    1. Varun, Engineering
    2. Neema, Art
    3. Ben, Business
  2. Brief introduction to robert’s rules
  3. Presentation about constitutional amendment by Uma
    1. Certain number of senate seats for each school
    2. If there is no one from the school who wants to sit on the seat then it will remain empty for the rest of the term
    3. If we have empty seats on senate, applications are sent out, candidates are shortlisted and interviewed
    4. Historically we have not had a full house in more than a year
    5. There are always open art and architecture seats
    6. The way we currently do things is inefficient and does not include people who may want to serve on senate but do not belong to those schools
    7. Current constitution: speaker has to contact school council, wait 2 weeks for them to appoint, if they do not appoint the speaker can appoint a member
    8. Amendment to the constitution: do not contact the school council, any individual who ran and did not get a seat in elections but there are open seats in that school then applications will be sent out for those candidates to serve in those seats for the term
      1. School councils may not know that they have that right
      2. School coucils may not have any interest in appointing people
    9. Possible concerns:
      1. This becomes a fail safe, but recruitment and retention should be a number one priority
      2. How a senator is elected and the way committees are set up is not within the scope of this amendment
    10. Next steps
      1. Discussion and vote within senate
      2. Before the next election, amendment is presented to treasury
  • Assuming it passes treasury, will be on the November Ballot
  1. Question session for the amendment
    1. What happens if someone from that school comes forward at a later date and says that they want the seat?
      1. Seat will open up in the next election
      2. Seat will go back to the school for which it is allocated to
    2. Would you have the term incumbent on the voting ballot if you were an art sci senator who filled in a business seat and you were running the next semester?
      1. Technically an incumbent, though not an incumbent to the seat
      2. Incumbent will win reelection
  • Will be discussed later
  1. Discussion session for the constitutional amendment
    1. At some point in the future have a discussion session for this to not be a fail safe
      1. Chris working on this project to increase the visibility of senate
      2. Make senate more open/student body more aware of it
    2. Vote on constitutional amendment
      1. Amendment passes
  2. Chris’ presentation on his project to improve the visibility of senate
    1. Have lunch with a senator in the DUC
      1. Needs volunteers for this (start on October 10th)
      2. Start a whenisgood and a procedure to figure when everyone is free
    2. Townhall Tuesday
      1. One senate meeting we would have pizza, one senate meeting explicitly advertised (even though all senate meetings are open)
      2. Paint the underpass, settle on a good date
  3. Exec updates
    1. Email addresses for student groups will be coming tomorrow, senators will be personally sent the email addresses for the groups that you signed up for. Information should only be used for SU purposes
    2. Look out for SU swag
    3. Treasury had no appeals today, doing statute amendments
    4. Judicial will be interviewing new justices over this weekend, hopefully there will be new justices next tuesday
      1. Question and do our own approval of the appointees that Judicial choose
      2. 16 applicants for 3 spots
    5. Mike Hayes:
      1. Deadline for men’s leadership program is on Sunday
      2. First Year Student emerging leaders application will be out soon (cohort of about 40 students)
  4. Open Forum
    1. Sih: people asking about STAC things
      1. Met with Jason Clevenger about the degree audit program to make the course planning for your major/minor requirement for centrally located and easily accessible
        1. Piloting that program
        2. Sih is testing it, let her know if you want to be on that
      2. Course evaluation system
        1. Do a system where you can’t see your grade until you fill in course evaluations, can see it after the fact (two weeks later, rather than immediately)
      3. Working on a WebStac calendar
      4. There’s a Hackathon on October 2nd
      5. If you have an STAC/technology concerns come to a meeting on Fridays: 2-3pm