Senate Minutes – 09.29.15

For questions or clarifications, please contact Senator Amelia Fong at  ude.l1545222005tsuw@1545222005gnof.1545222005ailem1545222005a1545222005


  1. Phil Valko from the Office of Sustainability and Emma Searson Executive Sustainability Advisor (SU)
    1. Environment – Economy – Society
      1. Triple Bottom Line concept that states that these things don’t have to be in conflict with each other
      2. Shift in this mentality, environment as something that encapsulates economy and society
    2. Environmental Justics
      1. Low-income communities and communities of color are often saddled with a disproportionate environmental burden
      2. Kick off event in October of Phil’s project looking at the city
    3. Shifting political landscape
      1. More politicians acknowledge that climate change is real and man-made. People recognizing the reality of it
    4. All sustainability issues are local
    5. Washington University in St. Louis
      1. Danforth (169 acres), Med School (164 acres), North and West campus, administrative buildings
      2. Focus areas of sustainability time
        1. Energy and emissions
          1. Reduce emissions to out 1990 levels by 2020
            1. Using more electricity, increasing carbon emissions despite flat-lining energy consumption
          2. Renewable energy
            1. 530kw of solar PV installed
            2. 2000 solar panels: Lofts, North campus, West campus, School of Medicine
  • Saves the university $190,000 over 10 years
    1. Includes upfront cost
    2. Leased the solar panels
  1. Looking into working with new areas: AC, North campus, School of Medicine
    1. Raising awareness of this as something to pursue
    2. Figuring out what the real cost will be (done preliminary work)
  2. Buildings
    1. 20 LEED certified buildings and 4 pending projects
    2. Third party certification system
    3. Tyson Living Learning Center: nett zero energy and water 2009
      1. Taking small-scale learning points and applying it to the rest of the campus
    4. Landscape
      1. Shifting our expectations
      2. 2010 goal: create a natural environment that recognizes the benefits of native plants and minimizes the need to use portable water
    5. Community
      1. WUGA program, green ambassadors during move in set the stage for how new students think about sustainability
      2. Develop a sustainable culture
      3. Office of Sustainability Interns
      4. Student Sustainability Fund
    6. Transportation
      1. Decrease single-occupant vehicle commuters coming to the Danforth Campus by 10%
      2. Free transit passes available to all full-time students, self tune-up bicycle stands with pumps and tools available, partnered with GRG to develop Centennial Greenway
    7. Food
      1. Purchasing food that is produced and distributed locally, humanely, fairly, and in an ecologically sound manner
      2. Green Monday to raise awareness of our foodprint
    8. Waste
      1. Achieve 20% overall waste diversion on the School of Medicine campus and 35% on the Danforth campus by 2012
      2. Waste diversion efforts at specific event such as graduation
      3. Significantly expanded composting on campus
      4. Composting
        1. No way to sort out contamination
        2. When there is contamination above 5% the whole bag gets thrown away
  • Hard to achieve that contamination rate
  1. Create a way to take more ownership over that process and looking at a scale jump
    1. Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
    2. Efficient way to process waste and do better with compost and styrofoam, furniture, pellets
      1. Range of different materials that the MRF can help continue to divert
    3. Big change, looking at developing a warehouse site and staffing it
  • Questions?
    1. Are there other opportunities that the school can cut down on its use of coal?
      1. Thinking about new energy systems for the new building going to be up by Brookings: geo-thermal
      2. How what we do on East campus can influence what we do on the rest of the campus
      3. We’re in a state where we don’t have an energy choice unless we develop out own (State legislated monopoly)
    2. Are there plans to regulate the sprinkler system?
      1. Original strategic plan did not include water as a category, new 2015 one will
      2. Base-lining is hard
      3. Elevated level of consciousness in the campus operation team to solve this
      4. Greater efficiency of sprinkler system, moisture sensor in all systems
    3. Is the school lobbying to have more access to alternative sources of energy?
      1. University tends to lobby very lightly: teaching, medicine, research to the school (behind the scenes)
      2. Energy space is something coming to head, have to be more actively engaged in the future
      3. This year the governor had a task force to have a state energy plan
        1. Working on an agenda of things that they want to do, constantly shifting
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      5. ude.l1545222005tsuw@1545222005oklav1545222005
    4. Constitutional Council Candidates
      1. Just finished their recruitment process, have selected three candidates
        1. Jack, Freshmen pre-med
        2. Jack, pre-law
  • Meg, Freshmen undecided
  1. All candidates have been approved by senate
  1. Treasury Statute Change Vote, presentation by Kenneth VP Finance
    1. Updates to the constitution with regards to current practices (greater accuracy)
      1. Treasurer’s orientation = Presidents and Treasurers training
      2. VP manual = How Thing’s Work
  • Omission of statute that states that category III groups do not receive any funding from SU
    1. Category III groups currently receive $150
  1. Shifting the statutes from SGAC to BC
    1. SGAC determines the category of student groups
    2. BC decides how much each student group gets
  2. Treasury has to vote on deregistration of category III student groups
  3. Student groups are not allowed to rent out equipment to other student groups
    1. Rent out equipment for free because that equipment is purchased utilizing SU funds
  4. Removal of competitions committee in the statute, responsibility under BC
  5. All amendments pass
  6. Future presentation by treasury in senate about what they do?
  1. SU SWAG and Plugs
    1. SU apparel form
      1. Cover costs for apparel
    2. State of the University Address, 7th October 8pm, Umrath lounge
      1. Attire: business casual
    3. Tuition Forum, 16th November 8pm
  2. Updates