Senate Minutes – 10.20.15



  1. Bryan Lenz, Director of Recreational Programs
    2. Office of Recreation Programs and Services
      1. Club sports
      2. Fitness
  • Informal rec
  1. Intramural sports
  2. Aquatics
  1. Gary Sumers Recreation Center, Fall 2016
  2. Reimagining REC/Wellness Services
    1. Get students off-campus and take advantage of natural resources
    2. Integrate wellness services
      1. Not just a space to break a sweat
      2. 8 dimensional model
      3. Partnering Habif
      4. Outfitting a wing like a genius bar for wellness services
      5. Can come in and talk about a range of issues and pick up information about things like healthy eating, relationships and so on
      6. De-stigmatize some thoughts about psychological health services
      7. g offer a heated Vinyasa yoga
        1. Draw in students that aren’t traditional yoga students
  • Outfitting some rooms with massage chairs
    1. Quiet space for students to go and unplug
  1. Cycle studio
    1. Group exercise studio (one of three)
    2. Chic space, get students to paint it
    3. Incorporate technology and appeal to the student population
  2. Three-court gym dedicated to the student population, will not be kicked out by practice
    1. Suspended track around the basketball court
  3. Fitness area
  1. WashU Rec goals
    1. Be the best part of your day
    2. Maximum participation
  • Create a vibrant 3rd place for students to socialize and be active
    1. ‘soft-spaces’ where students can chat and chill
  1. Create an all-inclusive membership experience for students
    1. De-stigmatize the Sumers Recreational Centre
    2. Working on getting funding for the resources/classes (so that membership is free for students)
  2. Incorporate student input in our operations/programming
    1. Create different committees or tasks force with different stakeholders to provide input
  3. Questions
    1. Talk to dining services to have a little protein shake/café?
      1. Got cut out of early stages for financial reasons, not as successful as we think it would be (done market research)
      2. Staff were typically the ones coming in to purchase food and drinks
      3. There’s a vending area, can be more creative with that. Is there a vending machine that can make a smoothie?
    2. Are there any nutritional classes or programs to educate students about fitness and health?
      1. Incorporate as many wellness program as possible
      2. Integration of wellness carves out a space for a wide array of cross-programming
      3. Success at his previous institution: Wellness Wednesday
      4. Most popular was the dietician coming in with recipes
  • What are fees for the new recreational center? (use of anyone)
    1. Free for full-time students
    2. Still doing market study to see how much it will be for staff and faculty
    3. Staff wellness a big focus for HR, meeting with them soon
    4. Competitive with what we charge, have a great product/facility to sell but it is an expensive facility to operate. Need to unlock some revenue streams
    5. $250-$300 a year for staff, tiered membership (alumni and affiliate, spouse and partner rate)
  1. Have there been any students that have approached you that they want something to be an IM or club sport?
    1. Working on swim
    2. Limiting factor is pool space, only time it is not in use is M-F 9:30am – 11:30am
    3. Trying to uncover some pool time with diving and water polo teams
    4. South campus fields good for sports clubs
    5. Sumers going to provide the opportunity to offer some more creative sports
      1. Come up with new and cool programs that aren’t IM sports. Across the country we see a decline in IM sports and an increase in group exercise classes
      2. Think differently and uncover other events that aren’t the traditional flag football to appeal to a wider audience
      3. g rock paper scissors in Vegas
    6. Is there more space for group fitness? Is there more staffing for group fitness?
      1. Currently we have 1 group exercise dance studio and the converted racket ball court in the AC
      2. Sumers: cycle and two other flexible group exercise spaces
      3. Have 40-45 group exercise classes a week, currently at 20-25
      4. Contract that out, go to the community and recruit instructors
    7. What are some opportunities to go outdoors in Eastern University?
      1. Kayaking in Creve Couer Lake
      2. Shawnee National Park
      3. Need to do more investigation, consider more of these options to get students off campus and talk about wellness from a different side
  • Sign up/technology system for the new centre?
    1. Working with a new management system that will allow them to track everything easily
  1. Discussion
    1. Didn’t touch on education for using the equipment correctly
      1. Significant number of people working in the facility: student trainers and other staff to make sure correct usage of equipment and to wipe it down after
    2. Promotion
      1. Tour of the AC
      2. Health and wellness event (reach 1,000,000 steps by a date)
    3. Committee and task force for first 6 months
    4. SU retreat to the Ozarks
  2. Tuition Forum, November 16th 8pm
    1. Meeting with Barb Feiner to talk about how to structure the presentation tomorrow, talk to Nicole if you have a socioeconomic issue you want to add to the list
    2. Hand out a sheet to everyone with general statistics?
      1. How much artsci spends a year?
      2. What are the other sources of money?
    3. WUFUSED: have all of the slides available for people to look at before and after
  3. Presentation on Solar Panels by Amelia and Stella
  4. Updates
    1. Exec
      1. Appeal from SPB approved
    2. Treasury
      1. Hearing appeals
    3. Advisor
      1. Nominations for Emerging Leaders program
    4. Judicial
  5. Open forum
    1. WILD happy hour on Thursday, sponsors will be there
    2. WILD on Friday