President’s & Treasurer’s Training and Finance Fridays

Dear Presidents & Treasurers,

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you’re all having a great school year so far! As Richard mentioned last week, he and I will be alternating sending out P&T emails each every Wednesday. Not too many major updates this week, but definitely some important things to take note of! Here goes:

Presidents & Treasurers Training
P&T Training will be on Sunday, September 18th in Bauer Hall from 10am – 2pm! Please arrive 15-30 minutes early for registration! Coffee and lunch will be provided. If for some reason the president or treasurer of your group cannot make it, please email Richard ( letting him know. If this is the case, you must send a replacement for them!

Preparation Before P&T Training
If you are the President or Treasurer of your student group, please register on After you log in with your WUSTL Key, there will be a button on the center of the main page that says “Register as a Group Leader”. After clicking that, select your group and the role you will be representing. Feel free to play around with some of the options and try to take a look at your group’s budget by clicking on “Track Spending” on the left side of the page. The more familiar you are with these features the more sense the workshops will make. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Finance Fridays
Friday (9/23) after P&T Training we will be holding the inaugural Finance Friday in DUC 276 at 12:30 pm! This is definitely important for student group treasurers. If you were unable to attend or didn’t quite grasp everything presented at P&T Training or have any questions we will be recapping the material covered as well as opening the session up for any specific budget questions you may have.

Upcoming Budget Dates
We will discuss these more at P&T Training but I just wanted to send you guys a few dates related to budgets that will be important to you:
9/18 – Presidents and Treasurers Training
9/24 – Introduction emails from BAT leaders (they will be your primary point of contact during the budget writing, submission, and allocation process)
10/4 – Budgets due by 5 pm!
10/5 – 10/16 – BAT Interviews
11/2 – Budgets released

We will discuss these dates more in-depth during P&T Training! In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions about them.

Apply to be a new student group or for a category change
Can’t find a club for a specific interest in WashU? Create your own student group! Applications are now live on WUGO (Portfolio) and are due on September 23rd. Change of category and change of name applications can also be found on WUGO.
If you have any questions please email the Activities Committee Chair, Sydney Robinson, at

Thanks for bearing with me through this email! Have a great week and I will see all of you at P&T Training this weekend!



Vikram Biswas  /  VP of Finance