President’s & Treasurer’s Training and Business Coordinator Changes

Hello Presidents and Treasurers!

I hope all of your classes and clubs are off to a great start! Just like last semester we are looking to send out weekly P&T emails on Wednesdays to keep you updated on important information!
Please look over these emails in full as the information directly pertains to you and your clubs!

Presidents & Treasurer’s Training!

P&T Training will be on Sunday, September 18th in Bauer Hall from 10am – 2pm! This event is mandatory and each student group is required to bring both their president and treasurer. On the bright side lunch will be provided and we’ve ordered a lot of cool gear just for all of you!

Business Coordinator Changes!

The Business Coordinator of the Day role has been eliminated.  New this school year, we have streamlined our process of helping student groups by using online scheduling to connect students groups with their assigned Business Coordinator.  Students can make appointments with their Business Coordinator from their computer or mobile device, giving every student equal access to their assigned Business Coordinator’s schedule as well as one on one attention from your coordinator.
Booking an appointment with your assigned Business Coordinator through ScheduleOnce is easy and convenient! Simply go to and log in with your WUSTL key.  From the User Portal page, click the Make an Appointment sidebar and book an appointment with your group’s assigned Business Coordinator


The Friday after P&T Training (9/23) we will be unveiling Finance Fridays! Every other Friday we will be tackling a different topic about SU Finance that you may have questions about. The first Finance Friday session (9/23) will be an interactive way for you to get all the personalized help you need regarding your upcoming budget submission. This is a great chance to ask any questions you may have been hesitant to ask during P&T Training or any questions you’ve had since. Plus, help on writing your budget from the VP Finance, Speaker of the Treasury, Budget Committee Chair, and Treasury representatives! Stay tuned for more details to follow!

Apply to be a new student group!

Can’t find a club for a specific interest in WashU? Create your own student group! Applications are now live on WUGO (Portfolio) and are due on September 23rd. Change of category and change of name applications can also be found on WUGO.
If you have any questions please email the Activities Committee Chair, Sydney Robinson, at

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great second week back!


Richard Wu  /  VP of Programming