Annual Report 2015-2016


Every year, Student Union makes great strides in advancing the interests of students through advocacy, allocation, and programming. With over 21 unique entities, SU’s work encompasses all aspects of campus life, ranging from advocating for a more diverse and inclusive environment to students from all backgrounds, allocating funds to empower more than 300 SU-recognized student groups, creating meaningful programs for each school, class, and the student body. The SU Annual Report — published at the end of every academic year — summarizes the various programs and initiatives accomplished by each entity.

Over the past year, the prior Student Union Execs created history with the ambitious It’s On Us to Intervene initiative to combat the issue of on campus sexual assault. In the short span of 5 months, the It’s On Us student coordinators facilitated the Bystander Intervention training for more than 2,000 students on campus. Before the end of spring 2016, one in three undergraduates underwent the training, encouraging a culture of active intervention here at WashU.

In an unprecedented move towards greater transparency and accountability, Student Union also released a complete draft of the $3.1 SU General Budget to the student body. The move empowered students to have a direct say in how their activities fee was allocated. More than 20 recommendations were adopted during an 11-hour process before the General Budget was passed almost unanimously by Senate and Treasury.

We are also proud to officially bring back ArtSci Council to serve and represent the students of the College of Arts & Sciences. In the short time since its reinstatement, the first ArtSci Council executives passed their Constitution with overwhelming support and successfully held the ArtSci Awards to recognize outstanding members of faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences.

The Annual Report AY15-16 is an accumulation of the sweat and blood put in by all the SU officers that have been with us in the past year. It is, therefore, fitting that we — the ones who will carry on their work and legacy — dedicate this report to the 49th Student Union.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth Sng

50th Student Body President