November 8th Proposed Amendments

The following constitution amendments will be up for voting on the November 8th ballot. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the VP of Administration Sankalp Kapur, at


1. Requirements to hold office

Ensures that an SU officer can only hold one elected position and one appointed position.

2. Duties of VP Administration – recruitment and retention committee

Decreases the number of members on the recruitment and retention committee to increase effectiveness and ensure greater flexibility in the composition of the committee

3.Duties of VP Programming – advising class councils

Requiring the VP Programming to advise class councils.

4. Duties of VP Finance – General Budget

Requiring the VP Finance to release the individual line items of the General Budget to Senate and Treasury.

5. General Budget

Requires the VP Finance to hold a joint General Budget session with Senate and Treasury. Ensures Senate and Treasury have oversight on the General Budget proceedings.

6. Election and Appointment of Senators

Increases the number of Senate seats.

7. Election and Appointment of Treasurers

Increases the number of Treasury seats.

8. Recall

Removed mention of the “grievance policy” as no such document exists.