List of candidates in the upcoming Spring Elections

In the upcoming Spring election on March 7th, below are the following candidates running for various positions:

Student Body President – Sydney Robinson
VP Administration -Brian Adler and Tess Mandoli
VP Finance – Iliana Ragnone, Keaton Schifer
VP Programming – Kyle Jeter
VP Public Relations – Bilal Hyder

Senior Class Council President – Bill Feng, Natalie Edwards
Senior Class Council VP Administration – Amanda Brown
Senior Class Council VP Finance – Audrey Liang
Senior Class Council VP Programming – William Clutterbuck
Senior Class Council VP Public Relations (no candidate running)

Junior Class Council President – Florence Murabito
Junior Class Council VP Administration – Minki Kim
Junior Class Council VP Finance – Achint Rai
Junior Class Council VP Programming (no candidate running)
Junior Class Council VP Public Relations (no candidate running)

Sophomore Class Council President – Kendrick Rogers, Luke Sammons
Sophomore Class Council VP Administration – Hiba Yousif
Sophomore Class Council VP Finance (no candidate running)
Sophomore Class Council VP Programming (no candidate running)
Sophomore Class Council VP Public Relations – Nehemie Etienne

Olin Business Council President – Marni Widen
Olin Business Council VP Professional Initiatives – Tiffany Balcarcel
Olin Business Council VP Social Initiatives – Daun Lee
Olin Business Council VP Government Initiatives – Elise Kletz
Olin Business Council VP Academic Initiatives – Adam Taitz
Olin Business Council VP Finance – Apurva Kejriwal, Samantha Rubenstein
Olin Business Council VP Service Initiatives (no candidates running)
Olin Business Council VP Marketing – Kevin He, Wendy Hu
Olin Business Council VP Human Resources (no candidates running)

Senate – Daniel Tanenbaum, Elizabeth Smith, Joey Vettiankal, Katie Sissler, Kemal Okudo, Lizzie Franclemont, Logan Bash, Luis Cuevas, Max Wagner, Olivia Williams, Robert Landlord, Rory Mather, Sofia Miranda-Fred, Varun Lahoti, Xiomara Mendoza, Zak Kadish, Zoe Liu

Treasury – Alia Nahra, Daniel Grossman, Eva Fine, Frank Chen, Grace Egbo, Haris Khan, Jason Alberstone, Katie Wood, Kevin Kanter, Kristine Ehlinger, Michael Almisry, Patrick Giffin, Sophia Cofelice, Tomisin Akinyemi, Vienna Cordova, Zach Trunsky

To run a write-in campaign for the positions where no candidates are running:

  1. You need to have at least 75 write-ins to be considered for the position
  2. Create a Facebook event explaining your platform, why you’re running and the process of writing you in
  3. Reach out to your network of friends to get the 75 signatures you need
  4. Rules regarding campaigning can be found in the Spring election packet here