Constitutional Amendments in the upcoming Spring Elections

This past semester the joint Constitutional Amendments committee between Senate and Treasury have research and proposed the following amendments to the Constitution. These amendments will be on the Spring Election ballot and will require a 2/3 vote from the electorate to be approve

1. SU Exec Compensation

Student Union Executive Officers spend, on average, between 30-40 hours per week serving the student body. Given this immense time commitment, we feel that there is a large socio economic barrier to be a part of this organization. An Executive Officer would likely be unable to hold a work-study position, or external part-time job. This amendment aims at compensating these officers in line with other comparable campus positions that offer pay (Resident Advisors, First Year Center Executive Board, and Congress of the South 40 Members). The goal is for all undergraduate students to have the ability to run for Executive Office, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Read about the specific changes to the constitution here.

2. Addition of LIVE as an Executive Entity of Student Union

Student Union is committed to ending sexual assault on campus. LIVE is Student Union’s key collaborator behind the successful It’s On US campaign, that has trained over 2400 students. We believe that by having LIVE as an executive entity, there will be a group of Student Union officers consistently working towards ensuring that this campus is safe for all. LIVE currently also programs around Sexual Assault Awareness Month as well as Domestic Violence Awareness month, reaching over 1000 students and continuing the conversation around ending sexual assault and interpersonal violence on campus.

Modelled after the Diversity Affairs Council, the newest SU executive entity, LIVE will be advised by the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Center. We hope that you will support Student Union’s mission to tackle sexual assault on college campuses.

Read the LIVE constitution here.

3. Student Sustainability Board

Student Union’s sustainability branches are currently the Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) and the Green Events Commission (GEC). SSF is an allocation board that funds various sustainability projects by different student groups. The GEC helps student groups make their programs more sustainable by providing funding for compostable cutlery. Student Sustainability Board is a new initiative by the Executive Advisor for Sustainability, VP of Programming, and VP of Finance to ensure greater efficacy in advocating and allocating for sustainability on campus.

Read more about the specific changes to the constitution here.

4. Treasury School Representation

Read more about the specific changes to the constitution here.