President and Treasurer Email 3/20

Hi everyone,


We hope that you all had fun, relaxing, and safe spring breaks! We have three important reminders for you all.



Just a friendly reminder, the deadline to turn in request forms is within 14 days of purchase. This policy is being enforced and any reimbursements that fail to meet this deadline will not be processed.



Please be advised that the following section mentions issues regarding sexual assault and harassment.


Since it’s introduction to Washington University, It’s On Us has committed to training the student body in prevention efforts. If you would like to learn more about It’s On US at WashU, please visit President‘s and Treasurers, Student Union, LIVE, and the RSVP center are committed to providing you with the resources to go through It’s On Us trainings. A multitude of trainings are available this year and they teach concrete skills — like how to be better at asking for consent or how to respond if someone confides in you — that will help us, as students, build more supportive communities. You can get involved by registering for facilitations here: As groups you have two main options:


•Register for a facilitation for a group. (This will occur through your GBM, or a separate, scheduled time)


•Encourage your group members to register and commit to attending open trainings so that they can select a topic of their choosing.


We thank you for your time, and hope that you will join us in working to change the culture of sexual assault, harassment, and stalking at Washington University.



Dear Student Leaders,


First of all, I want to thank you all for utilizing Treasury this year—so far, we have been able to fund over $325,000 of student group programming through the appeals process! This is in addition to almost $1,000,000 allocated to student group budgets for the 2017-2018 academic year.  These funds have been used to implement some amazing events this year, so thank you for doing what you do so well!


Because of these myriad programs, Treasury is unable to accept any more appeals for the Spring 2018 semester.  This is not a bad sign—it just means we’ve been using the money we’re given; however, the Treasury docket is full through April 10th and it is highly unlikely that the remaining Treasury funds will stretch this far.  Therefore, it would be unfair to continue to allow groups to submit appeals we know we will not be able to fund. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me ( or come by my office hours.

Lastly, this is the final Presidents’ and Treasurers’ email that we will be sending out for our term. We want to thank you all so much for being incredible people to work with – your passion for your missions and programs is so inspiring. It has been such an honor. We wish you all the best, and we will miss working with you all!


All the best,

Iliana and Kyle


Kyle Jeter  /  Vice President of Programming  /  860-692-8404