Faculty Letter from Provost Thorp



Dear Danforth Faculty,

Washington University regularly encourages all students to be engaged in the world around us; to have a voice in major issues of the day; and to work with us to strengthen our own university community. We all – administration and faculty – can help motivate and inspire them. This is especially important related to sexual violence and harassment.  As a university it is incumbent on us to listen to student voices so that we can find ways to continually improve our education, prevention, support, and adjudication processes both in Title IX but also in areas like Student Health, Student Housing, Student Conduct, and WUPD.

As many of you have followed in Student Life last week, students are planning a rally around these issues on Thursday, April 26th at 4pm.  Some of your students may want to attend and I hope you will be mindful of their desire to participate.  I am planning on taking my class to the rally so we all can show support. For me, personally, it will be an important opportunity to listen and learn.

As we enter the last week of classes, I want to also thank you for all that you do to educate, mentor, and support our students.





Holden Thorp