President and Treasurer Email 4/24

Dear Presidents and Treasurers,


Here are a few updates:


  1. Registration for Fall 2018 Activities Fair

  2. Appeals for Fall 2018

  3. End of Semester Dates and Reminders


Registration for Fall 2018 Activities Fair:

Registration for the Fall ’18 Activities Fair is now open! Last fall, we had over 350 student groups and organizations represented. The fair will be held on the Friday of the first week of classes (Friday, September 4) from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. With its wide reach across the entire student body, especially with new first year students, the Activities Fair is the best way to promote your student group and recruit new members! You can register your group for a table using this WUGO form. Please reach out to Activities Committee Chair, Andrew Kocins, at with any questions.


Appeals for Fall 2018:

For any student groups hoping to submit appeals for the Fall 2018 semester, please note that the appeals account for the 2018-2019 school year will open on July 20th, 2018.  It is not an expectation that you will start submitting appeals over the summer, but merely a reminder that you may begin submitting appeals at that time.  If you have any questions about the appeals process, feel free to reach out to Alia Nahra, Speaker of the Treasury, at


End of Semester Dates & Reminders:


  • April 23 – Think about your summer location and where your checks should be mailed

  • April 23 – Last day to use any credit card

  • April 28- Last day to paint the underpass (upon registration)

  • April 29- Last day to program during the Fall semester

  • April 29- Last day to use the paint room

  • April 30-May 09- Programming only allowed with Reading and Finals Week Exception (request an exception using this form)

  • May 04 – Last day to submit request forms and carryforward requests

  • May 09- July 15 – Programming only allowed with Extended Programming Exception (request an exception using this form)

  • June 15- Last day to spend Spring 2018 budgets if approved for Extended Programming Exception (request an exception using this form)

  • June 15- July 15 – No money can be spent through SU Finance or SU processes – reimbursements only and can be processed after July 15

  • July 20– Fall accounts open for Fall 2018 programming – work with your Business Coordinator and GPS advisors to process accordingly

  • Sep 01– Reservations open for painting the underpass for Fall 2018



  • Deposit all cash and checks before you leave for the summer

  • Check your email and “my pending requests” in SU Finance for returned/rejected request forms everyday

  • Fill out request forms for: meeting spaces, WFF, Bon Appetit, Facilities, mailings, etc.

  • The deadline to turn in request forms is within 14 days of purchase. This policy is being enforced and any reimbursements that fail to meet this deadline will not be processed.

Carryforward Requests:

Carryforward requests only apply to the following allocated accounts: operating, appeals and revenue. Fundraising and gifts accounts automatically carried forward to the next semester.

Carryforward requests are made for funds that are not spent for a reason outside of the group’s control or appeals that were granted in the spring that need to be spent in the fall semester. Requests will be granted on a case-by-case basis by the VP of Finance and SU Business Manager. Examples of requests may include speaker cancellations, vendors not sending bills in a timely matter and/or weather related circumstances.

These are exceptions and your group should not depend on these requests to be granted. Funds should be spent during the semester during which they were allocated.


To request a carryforward, please follow these steps:


  • Go to SU Finance

    • Fill out a request form

    • Select type of request

      • Carry forward request

      • In the description please explain, in detail, the reason your group is requesting this carryforward

    • Select requested amount

      • Enter the amount of funds requested to be carried forward in the correct account

For groups that submit a carryforward request, the president and treasurer listed in SU Finance can expect an email by June 30, 2018 with the decision about the carryforward request.


Summer Programming Treasurer’s Training:

Starting this semester, any groups that plan to spend funds out of their SU accounts prior to September 8th must have attended a required training run by Campus Life. All of these trainings have already taken place, so this is just a reminder that in order to spend funds before September 8th, you must have already attended one of the trainings.


Access to Your Student Group Accounts:

Student group accounts will be closed on May 4, 2018.  After this time, you will be unable to submit request forms.  Accounts will become available for the fall semester after July 15th.  If your group is traveling over the break and needs access to your account, please make arrangements with your assigned business coordinator.

Students will not have access to SU Finance from June 15 to July 15, 2018.

Last Day to Program:

The Last Day to Program for the spring semester is Sunday, April 29th. We ask that groups not program during reading and finals weeks. The Last Day to Program rule helps to ensure that students take a break from their student group activities to focus on studying for exams. Groups may request an exception for reading/finals week by filling out this request form on WUGO. Exceptions are made for study-break type events with minimal planning involved.  If missing the event will negatively impact members in any way, the event will not be approved.


Good luck during the last week of classes and on all of your exams!  If you have any questions, during the rest of the semester or over the summer, please reach out to either me or Shelly.



Charlotte Pohl /  Vice President of Programming  /  (203) 218-8489