President and Treasurer Email 9/25/18

Hello Presidents & Treasurers,


Here are some updates for you all as your start the week!


  1. Student Group Leaders Training

  2. Budgets Due

  3. Opportunity Fund

  4. Updating WUGO Rosters

  5. Appealing for Events not Funded in Group Budget


Student Group Leaders Training (SGLT):

For those groups whose treasurers did not attend Student Group Leaders Training on September 9th, you must attend one of the two remaining make-up trainings this month (see below). Group treasurers who don’t attend either SGLT or one of the make-ups will cause their group’s accounts to be frozen in SU Finance, since it is a huge responsibility to manage group finances and we want to make sure treasurers are well-equipped to do so. Please let me know if you have any questions. If your group’s treasurer has not attended SGLT or one of the makeup sessions, next week, you will be receiving an email from Shelly about how to move forward.


Remaining make-up training dates:

  • 9/26: 11:00AM–11:30AM, DUC 234


Budgets Due

You should have received an introduction email yesterday from your Budget Allocation Team (BAT) with information about your budgets. Student group budgets for Category 1 & 2 groups are due October 3rd at 5 PM. Please read through the Budget Allocation Manual for important information you need to know about budgets and if you have any questions please reach out to Budget Committee Chair, Agneesh Dasgupta at


Opportunity Fund

The Student Union Opportunity Fund has officially launched for its second year. All eligible students have been notified by Student Financial Services on how they can utilize the Fund to help subsidize their extracurricular activities. If you have questions regarding the Fund, please reach out to the SU President, Grace Egbo at


Updating WUGO Rosters:

Please make sure to update your groups’ WUGO roster to reflect your current members and remove of anyone who has graduated/not a part of your group anymore. If you are receiving this email and don’t think you should be, please reach out to the new leadership of your group and ask them to update the roster and remove you.


Appealing for Events not Funded in Group Budget:

As groups start to submit appeals for events happening this semester, please know that if your event/line item wasn’t funded through the general budget, please seek clarification regarding why that is the case before submitting an appeal for the same event/line item. You can reach out to Budget Committee Chair, Agneesh Dasgupta ( with questions.


Have a great week!