President and Treasurer Mailing 10/9/18

Dear Presidents and Treasurers,

Here are some updates for the week:

  1. Everyone’s Welcome Campaign Appeals

  2. SUp This Week Student Group Highlight

  3. Treasurers’ Training Follow-Up

  4. Responsible Community Training Program

  5. Student Kognito: At- Risk Program:


Everyone’s Welcome Campaign:

The Everyone’s Welcome Campaign (EWC) Advocacy Fund is a campus-wide diversity initiative, and a collaboration between the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Diversity Affairs Council, and Student Union. The campaign was designed and advocated for and by students in order to provide additional funding and resources for student groups, especially cultural and affinity student groups, seeking to program inclusive events that specifically and meaningfully facilitate and further the tenants of the fund. The campaign encourages the University community to reflect on and to challenge assumptions about the role of class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, and other aspects of identity, and the implications for student groups and their events.The fund is designed to provide additional funding and resources to student groups seeking to create and promote collaboration, inclusive dialogue, and support for a diverse set of perspectives. We have funded events such as the WU-Slam and Pride Alliance Joint Slam and the Association of Black Students’ Black Talks, Black Thoughts Event. Our hope is that the EWC will help you engage your members in new, unfamiliar ways, and help all of us shape how our student body thinks about our world and each other.

So if you have an event that you would like funded, apply! Our only requirement is that the event is either started by or sponsored by a current Student Union Group. Even if you are in the beginning stages, reach out with your initial ideas and we can work to bring fruition to your innovative programming visions! Applications will be selected based on how well they encompass the four focus areas of the CDI: collaboration, outreach, support + advocacy, and education. Please refer to this page of the Student Union website for more details on the process of submitting an EWC appeal. We encourage you all to remember this resource in the future and do not hesitate to contact the EWC Chair, Efua Osei (, for more information or help or any questions. The DAC is here for you!

SUp This Week Student Group Highlight:

SU wants to highlight student groups at WashU that have a cool event coming up, have just won a prestigious award, placed at a competition, or just is awesome and doing great things

on campus.

Student groups chosen can be featured on the SUp This Week weekly email, publicized on SU social media including our Facebook (@washusu) and Instagram (@washu_su), and also have a graphic created that will be shown on DUC and ResLife TVs around campus. You can nominate your student group by filling out this form.


Treasurers’ Training Follow-Up:

Group treasurers who did not attend Student Group Leaders Training or any of the make-up sessions offered last month must attend a training as soon as possible. We are still working to finalize the list of treasurers who have not yet attended and will be sending emails out after Fall Break to notify these group leaders about next steps, but if you know this is the situation your group is in, please attend the Treasurer Training session this Thursday, October 11th from 12PM–1PM in DUC276. If you have any questions, please reach out to Shelly (


Responsible Community Training Program:

At SGLT, we introduced the Responsible Community Training pilot program in partnership with Title Mine, LIVE, SARAH, and the RSVP Center.  These trainings are intended to make our campus community more supportive and more safe. For groups participating in the program (mandatory for all CAT I student groups funded for large-scale social events, available to any other interested student group), please fill out this form as soon as possible to schedule your group’s training.  For more information on the resources available through this program, please see the attached flyer.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Speaker of Treasury, Alia Nahra (


Student Kognito: At- Risk Program:

Dr. Thomas Brounk, the Director of Mental Health services at SHS needs student input on the online mental health module, Kognito. This is a huge first step in promoting much needed candid discussions about mental health and poignant mental health education on our campus. We hope that as student leaders you will lend your voices and feedback to this process and we appreciate your participation immensely. We will be sending the feedback to Dr.Brounk by October 15 and encourage you and your exec to do the simulation and fill out the feedback before then. Please go through the demo which takes 30 min and then fill out the feedback form here by Saturday at 11:59 pm.


That’s all for this week, let me know if you have any questions and I hope everyone enjoys their Fall Break.