President and Treasurer Email 10/10/18

Hello Presidents and Treasurers!

My name is Alexa Jochims, Activities Committee Chair for the upcoming semester. As we head into the new year, Student Union Financial Leadership is discussing potential changes to the group categorization structure and wanted your thoughts.

These changes may include introducing a new category of student groups who receive no funding from SU, but still have access to all student group resources. Another idea is to allow groups in a certain category to receive funding without submitting a budget. While these are still in the preliminary stages, we wanted to make sure we were taking your opinions and feedback into account throughout the process.

Please use this form to learn more and answer a few questions about these possible changes. Keep in mind that no changes have been made–the survey is solely for the purpose of gauging interest.

As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns surrounding Student Union financial policy changes, please reach out to me or any of the other members of financial leadership (you can find our office hours and contact information here).

Good luck on finals and happy holidays!