President and Treasurer Email 1/21/19

Dear Presidents & Treasurers,

We have a lot of updates for you all this week so please read this email all the way through!

  1. Updated Budget Allocation Manual and How Things Work

  2. Block Funding Information Session (2/5)

  3. New Group/Category Change Application Deadlines

  4. Fall 2019 Budget Submission Deadline (1/30)

  5. SPB Free Sponsorships for Student Groups

  6. Group Category Change Survey

Updated Budget Allocation Manual and How Things Work:

Student Union’s financial leadership made a few updates to our financial documents and I wanted to share them with you. The first set of changes is to the Budget Allocation Manual (BAM), which were made to better support the needs of student groups in the budgeting process. You can find the Spring 2019 BAM here, with the notable changes enumerated and explained on page 1. Please direct any questions to Budget Committee Chair, Arjan Kalra, at

The changes in How Things Work were made to page 16, which discusses the appealing process. Besides some changes to the wording, the major change that was made was explicating that “groups may not request funding for supplemental events (based on the definitions in the Budget Allocation Manual) through appeals, but rather only through the semesterly budgeting process.” If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

Block Funding Information Session (2/5):

As the Student Union General Budget Session approaches, the process for groups/projects/initiatives to request funds through block funding is also starting. We will be hosting an information session on February 5th from 6–7PM in DUC 236 where we will walk through the process and all important dates. Block funding is designed to give the student body a direct say regarding the funding of certain groups/projects/initiatives and is open to all undergraduate students.

New Group/Category Change Application Deadlines:

Current Category 2 and 3 groups are able to apply for a category change through Activities Committee’s application process. The application can be found on WUGO and is due by January 25 at 11:45PM. Along with reviewing category changes, Activities Committee also reviews new group applications and the application and deadline information is the same for those groups. Please reach out to Alexa Jochims, Activities Committee Chair ( with any questions.

Fall 2019 Budget Submission Deadline (1/30):

Budget Committee will require all group budgets for the Fall 2019 semester to be due into SU Finance by January 30th at 5PM. Direct any questions to Budget Committee Chair, Arjan Kalra at

SPB Free Sponsorships for Student Groups:

SPB is now offering all Student Union recognized student groups the opportunity to sponsor a Happy Hour or Co-Program an event. You can find more information here. Any questions should be sent to SPB President, Adin Ehrlich at

Group Category Change Survey:

Student Union Financial Leadership is discussing potential changes to the group categorization structure and we want your thoughts. These changes may include introducing a new category of student groups who receive no funding from SU, but still have access to all student group resources. Another idea is to allow groups in a certain category to receive funding without submitting a budget.

While these are still in the preliminary stages, we wanted to make sure we were taking your opinions and feedback into account throughout the process. Please use this form to learn more and answer a few questions about these possible changes. Keep in mind that no changes have been made–the survey is solely for the purpose of gauging interest.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with!



Shelly Gupta
Vice President of Finance

 WashU Student Union | 631.764.7300

Office Hours: 
Monday: 12:30PM
Thursday: 2:30–4PM